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Digital Urges Essay

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Adrian Soliven
Digital Addiction
In this day and age, people young and old use media in different forms. Media can be used as entertainment in the form of a t.v. show, a video game, music or a type of reading material including comics, novels or newspaper articles. Another purpose for using media is to communicate with friends via using a computer application known as skype which enable the user to voice chat or send messages. My media use is composed mostly as entertainment mostly in the form of films and video games but I also use other kinds of media such as google mail and rarely facebook to stay in touch with friends. Music is sometimes combined with other tasks ...view middle of the document...

Youtube is another kind of type of streaming site due to how much content is available for viewing. Whether I feel like watching something funny to kill time or listen to music while checking mail, Youtube has so much content that there is almost usually something to watch.
A trend that I have noticed with media is the way media is incorporated or fused with other activities and other sorts of media. Some of these activities include washing a car or whatever task that really does not necessarily require any form of media at all. Reviewing though my media logs, some of the entries have other tasks that are being done coupled with some kind of media use. Through the records, I can deduce that most of the time I use the computer for internet browsing, gaming, homework there is music playing in the background.Not only limited to the computer, media is applied in the use of more portable devices such as a smartphone. It is most commonly used in conjunction with other activities which can include so much more possiblities of multitasking than a computer mostly because of its compact size and expediency. For instance smartphones can be used while on foot or driving, used to check weather conditions or as a gps in case you’re and need directions I have seen that multitasking with a kind of media is common among activities i do on a regular basis. I appreciate the fact that media is convenient and can be used in a moments notice due to the portable, compact devices. Seeing how dependant we are on media and how it can be applied to everyday life and situations, it boggles my mind to visualize how media will serve us in the future or become a part of us rather. Possibly, a world that is almost completely reliant on media usage.
Even though I am glad that...

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