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Digital Photography Essay

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Communications in Leadership, Professor Maria Asealage
William L. Gilliard III

Table of Contents

Technology Advances in Photography2
Digital Photography Hardware3
Benefits to End Consumers4

I. Introduction
The following report titled How Digital Photography Has Changed the Industry will cover the technology advances that have revolutionized the photography industry, the various types of hardware that are now used take photographic images in a digital format, and the impact and benefits of these technology advances to the end consumer. The photography industry has ...view middle of the document...

Digital photography differs from conventional photography in the sense that this advanced technology uses small computers within the photography device to record images electronically. Once the electronic images is taken, the internal computer then breaks down the electronic image into digital data which can be transferred, processed and stored. Since the creation of this new technology over the past several decades, digital photography has virtually eliminated the use of traditional film throughout the industry, and is used today by most photography professionals and end consumers for all methods of recording photographic images.
III. Digital Photography Hardware
Digital photographs today are mostly taken using digital cameras which was the primary hardware invented that lead to the virtual elimination of the traditional film camera. This industry has exploded in recent years with both novice and professional photographers using digital cameras to take a wide array of photographic images recorded. Since the digital images are converted into data, the digital camera works in conjunction with other IT hardware such as personal computers which can be used to transfer and store digital images. Digital printers are also synonymous with digital cameras and are used to print these images onto specialized photo paper for both personal and professional use.
As technology has continued to advance the photography industry, images taken in digital form are also made available on most smart phones used widely by the public. Virtually every handheld phone device manufactured today has a camera feature which allows the user to take digital images wherever they are located. Just like digital cameras, smart phones used their internal computers to record the images taken electronically which can be easily read and transferred onto various computer devices for future use. The invention of digital photography and the various associated hardware has allowed...

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