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ni-msme - the premier institute
ni-msme, the pioneer institute in the field of MSME is playing a major role in providing probusiness environment to foster the progress of MSME towards success and prosperity. The
raison detre of this Institute is to assist the Government in formulating policies for micro,
small and medium enterprises and to help the practising and potential entrepreneurs
through a host of services like training, research, consultancy, information, education and
extension. The Institute is a training ground for senior technocrats, bureaucrats and bankers
who come here to gain expertise and knowledge in order to equip themselves with the latest
practices and streamline ...view middle of the document...

Some of ni-msme';s recent outstanding contributions include
Orientation workshop for Industry Members of IMCs, under the scheme “Upgradation of
1396 Government ITIs through PPP”, sponsored by the DGE&T, Ministry of Labour &
Employment, Govt. of India (2014), Mid Career Programme on MSME Promotion,
sponsored by Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Kerala (2014), Product
Identification and Preparation of Low Investment Project Profiles, sponsored by the
Directorate of Micro & Small Scale Enterprises, Govt. of West Bengal (2014),
Entrepreneurship Development Programmes in Food Processing, sponsored by AP Food
Processing Society (APFPS), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (2014), Executive Development
Programme, sponsored by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Ltd, Govt. of India
(2014), Outreach and Skill Development Programme in Food Processing, Sponsored by
NIFTEM, Ministry of Food Processing, Government of India (2014), Marketing and Branding
of Clusters for KVIC Officers, Sponsored by KVIC, Govt. of India (2014), Workshops,
Sponsored by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India (2014), IPR
Challenges & Prospects, Sponsored by DC (MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India
(2015) and Basic Orientation Programme on Management, Monitoring & Implementation of
MSE-CDP, Sponsored by the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of
West Bengal (2015). The Institute has contributed several research and consultancy
services in MSME area, apart from training.

Programme Director

Vivek Kumar

Organised by

The management of the Institute rests with the Governing Council appointed by the
Government of India. The governing body acts through the resident Director General. The
present Director General is Shri M. Chandrasekhar Reddy

(Formerly known as National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training)
ni-msme, Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 045, India
Tel : 91-40-23633499, 23608544, 46, 23608317, 23633260, Fax: 91-40-23608547, 23608956
Website:, E-mail:,,

Training Programme on


Officials in-charge of project preparation and implementation of SHGs micro
enterprises representing Government/Finance corporations/DRDA/ DPIP.

Representatives of developmental financial institutions/Non-Govt. organisations/ funding
agencies/training institutions/Banks engaged in promoting and financing SHGs.

Representatives of Federations/MACs of SHGs/Local area banks/networking agencies.

(16 – 18 March 2016)
The Self Help Group approach has received wide acceptance as an effective strategy for
empowerment of vulnerable sections of society representing economically, socially and
physically challenged human groups such as unemployed youth, women and weaker
Having achieved significant success in promoting large...

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