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Digital Bangladesh Essay

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Digital Bangladesh and ICT development

ICT is the backbone of any digital initiative. ICT covers the vast area of information technology, communication technology and of course the telecommunication technology; categorically processing of information and ensuring connectivity.

Again it is mentionable that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina dreamed for a Digital Bangladesh. Without ICT sector development the dream of a Digital Bangladesh would be only a dream for the total nation. One thing must be mentioned that ICT is only a technology, a technology or a machine could not be functional with out a person behind. Philosophically convinced persons are the driving force in establishing an idea ...view middle of the document...

In this case only government could not be sufficient. Public-Private partnership could be the ideal endeavor.

Primarily rural IT hub could be developed in each Union Porishad office, which will ensure everyday information of the locality to the Upazill, Zilla, and Division and to the central government. This nationwide connectivity system development should be considered primarily as social sector investment and finally as business venture of the government or public-private joint venture.

Building of an IT educated work force is the most important segment of digital Bangladesh initiative. It is already been told that technology is important but not works without a person behind. For a future Bangladesh a tech shabby generation is significantly important. This generation would be the driving force for a digitized, prosperous and humane nation. To develop this kind of generation it needs to an education policy and national human resource policy. It is another hard truth that this objective could not be achieved over night, but a good beginning is essential, which will create the expected human resource that will manage, administer and govern future Bangladesh.

Educated workforce is important for another cause. IT is not only a hardware that could be run by a particular skill only. It is a knowledge driven technology, so, it need to run with them who...

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