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Digital And Physical Space Essay

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Digital and Physical Spaces
D. Johnson
BUS: 620 Managerial Marketing
Pamela Gordon
April 03, 2012

Digital and Physical Spaces
Having a digital and a physical presence for an organization is necessary in order to reach potential market segments. Theoretically, organizations must determine if the need for internet or new-economy based strategy is necessary. While some organizations may need to establish a physical presence, others may choose to offer their products online due to availability of new economy marketing strategies.
Economy Based Marketing Strategies
The availability of new economy based marketing strategies allows organizations (who are location ...view middle of the document...

These applications can bridge the gap in communication and tend to be very effective tools for networking, advertising, as well as communicating.
Physical or Digital Space
Customers will be able to move effortlessly from physical space to digital space because of technological advancements. For instance, many retail stores have an online presence; this allows customers to shop online and have their products directly shipped to the store. Over the weekend, I was looking for a pair of shoes in Rack Room Shoes. I could not find what I wanted so I asked the saleslady for help. She told me that the shoes were not in stock but I could have the shoes I wanted shipped directly to my doorstep (free of charge). I immediately started thinking about how retailers are now using digital space to capitalize on what would have been a lost or missed sale.
Not all market segments will be able to enjoy shopping at both physical retail stores and online stores because of the services offered. For example, an auto body shop can’t exclusively operate online because it is simply not possible....

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