Diffrent Types Of Military Leaderships Essay

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Leadership styles differ in both approach and methods of thought. It is important for a leader to identify and implement the style that is best reflective of their personality. This paper attempts to outline and summarize some of the different leadership styles that exist. The importance of utilizing common leadership attributes along with a designated leadership style cannot be neglected, as a leader’s effectiveness is a direct reflection of how they choose to lead.

Leadership Development and the Differing Leadership Styles

Individual perspectives vary widely in terms of the diverse leadership styles that exist. In order for an individual to determine what ...view middle of the document...

The Authoritative Style Summary

One of the main traits of authoritative leadership is that it always maximizes commitment to the organization’s goals. The authoritative leader defines standards that revolve around the common goal. It is ensured that the standards for success are clear to all, as well as the rewards. Flexibility is a great part of this style, by giving subordinates the freedom to innovate, experiment, and take calculated risks. The authoritative style works well in almost any situation, especially when an organization is adrift.

This leader’s mode of operation is to mobilize people towards a common vision and is summed up in the phrase “Come with me.” The main underlying emotional intelligence competencies are self-confidence, empathy, and change catalyst. This style works best when changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed. The overall impact on climate is most positive.

The Affiliative Style Summary

One of the main traits of affiliative leadership is that it always revolves around people, valuing individuals and their emotions more than tasks and goals. The affiliative leader builds strong emotional bonds which results in fierce loyalty from the team. The greatest benefit of this is communication, people sharing ideas, etc. Freedom in the execution of tasks gives workers the opportunity to complete their job in the way they feel is most effective. Masters at building a sense of belonging, affiliative leaders also offer ample positive feedback.

This leader’s mode of operation is to create harmony and build emotional bonds. The phrase “People come first” sums up the affiliative style. The main underlying emotional intelligence competencies are self-empathy, building relationships, and strong communication. This style works best when rifts need healing within the team, or when people need to be motivated during stressful circumstances. The overall impact on climate is positive.

The Coersive Style Summary

One of the main traits of coersive leadership is that it always has a damaging effect on the rewards system. It erodes pride while diminishing clarity and commitment, undermining one of an effective leader’s prime tools, which is motivating people by showing them how their role fits into the big picture. Although inherently negative, this style does have validity and is especially effective during genuine emergencies like in the aftermath of natural disasters. It can also work with problem employees when all other avenues have failed. There are a few situations where this style is imperative, such as during a turnaround or hostile takeover. Keep in mind, if a leader solely relies on this style or continues to use it after the emergency passes, the long-term impact of this insensitivity to the morale & feelings of those he leads will be ruinous.

This leader’s mode of operation demands immediate compliance. The phrase “Do what I...

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