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Difficulties Essay

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Searching for information:
One of the difficulties I encountered during my internship was to find the information they asked me. Indeed, although the Internet is a wonderful source of information, some are not available, paying or very hard to find. This makes it very easy to get lost in the sources, dates, references; especially ... I struggled to find the business contacts that I had to explore.
The cold-calling:
One task that has been the hardest for me was the cold-calling the hotels. Indeed, for most companies, I only had the phone number of the standard and it was very common for the switchboard does not put me in contact with the services I wanted to contact. Indeed, ...view middle of the document...

..), occasional assignments given by my superiors (organizations evenings / restaurants, mailing to tO, ...) etc.. A daily that is quickly replacing the role of trainee and allows beginners to adopt professional skills previously unrevealed. It makes more in a professional organization the importance of hierarchical power, respect and regularity of schedules, the need for a good job or even excellent, not to leave the room for error, nor do overcome by events and how to manage his time and his work even if it requires to expand its day a few minutes ...
Personally and professionally, this internship helped me a lot. I enjoyed working in a small structure such as RateTiger, participate in "life on board" of society, give my opinion on the marketing achievements, have my own clients. I had the advantage of being integrated in a young and dynamic team which contributed to my desire to learn and somehow my "Welfare" within the company and the sales and Marketing department.

Reformulation of my mission:
The major improvement that I would have wanted to make my internship for my mission and my tutor. My missions were generally of very short...

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