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Different Uses Of Fertilizers Essay

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Different Uses of Fertilizers
• Fertilizers provide plants with nutrients needed for normal growth. They are usually applied on the soil directly or sprayed on the leaves, known as foliar feeding. Proper fertilizer use improves soil quality, promotes healthy growth and increases crop yields. Most plants need 18 nutrients for healthy growth. The most important are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as these three are needed by the plant in far greater amounts than other nutrients.

Growth Booster

• Fertilizers encourage the rapid growth of plants. The most important element that functions as a growth booster is nitrogen, which also functions as a greening agent. It is needed for ...view middle of the document...

In this case, the soil becomes saturated with one type of nutrient, while the concentration of other nutrients decreases. When this happens, the chemical balance of the soil can be improved by using organic fertilizers.

Special Supplement

• Aside from their general effect on plant growth, some fertilizers cater to specific needs of certain plants. These special purpose fertilizers are typically used when a specific soil condition is required. For example, acid-loving plants like blueberries benefit from fertilizers that lower soil pH levels, according to Purdue University's department of horticulture.

Urban Agriculture

• Poor-quality soil in urban areas and reclaimed zones need complete fertilizers to make them suitable for agriculture. Nutrient balance must first be established to grow a sustainable garden in these conditions. Container gardening and potted plants will also need fertilizers, since these soil systems are isolated and do not get nutrient exchanges from the environment.

Manure is organic matter used as fertilizer in agriculture. Manures contribute to the fertility of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients, such as nitrogen that is trapped by bacteria in the soil. Higher organisms then feed on the fungi and bacteria in a chain of life that comprises the soil food web. Manure - Etymology. The word manure came from Middle English "manuren" meaning "to cultivate land," and initially from French "main-oeuvre" = "hand work" alluding to the work which involved man

Manure has been used for centuries as a fertilizer for farming, as it is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients which facilitate the growth of plants. Liquid manure from pig/hog operations is usually knifed (injected) directly into the soil to reduce the unpleasant odors. Manure from cattle is spread on fields using a spreader. Due to the relatively lower level of proteins in grasses, which herbivores eat, cattle manure has a milder smell than the dung of carnivores — for example, elephant dung is practically odorless. However, due to the quantity of manure applied to fields, odor can be a problem in someagricultural regions. Poultry droppings are harmful to plants when fresh but after a period of composting are valuable fertilizers.
The dried manure of animals has been used as fuel throughout history. Dried manure of camels and other animals (usually known as dung) was, and in some places still is, an important fuel source in deserts. On the Oregon Trail, pioneering families collected large quantities of "buffalo chips" in lieu of scarce firewood. It has been used for many purposes, in cooking fires and to combat the cold...

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