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Different Of Art Essay

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Title: Evolution of Old Masters Painting & Modern Art
Spring 2012History of World and ArchitectureSubject Code: GED 302Semester: 6thSection: 01Submitted To: Selima Quader ChowdhrySubmission Date: April 4, 2012 |

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“Evolution of Old Masters Painting & Modern Art”
Subject | Page No |
I. Introduction | 03 |
II. Italian Renaissance | 04 |
III. Comparison between the paintings of the Italian Renaissance artists | 05 |
IV. Modern Art | 08 |
V. Comparison Between The Old Masters Painting And Modern Art | 09 |
VI. Conclusion | 11 |
VII. Reference | 12 |
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I like the paining of Renaissance period because in this painting I came to know about how was the culture, fashion, jewelry of that time. The figures of the paintings are very beautifully presented in Renaissance period. I can not understand Modern art because it is not too much clear for me.

An art is a document of history. Art reflect the society, culture and a potential presale. By observing any work of art people can come to know about the style of the artist and the state of his/her mind. An art has got imaginative quality because it has feeling and emotion. An art gave viewer pleaser. In the history, there are many stage of art age. Classical antiquity is the first age of art then come middle age after that came Renaissance period and at the last came modern art period. In this paper I am going to discuss, firstly, the emergence of the Italian Renaissance and draw comparison between the paintings of the Italian Renaissance artists. Secondly, I am going to discuss Modern art and compare Old Master paintings with Modern art. Finally, I am going to present conclusion about my work which I have analyzed.
Italian Renaissance (1350 – 1700)
The word renaissance means “Rebirth” so Renaissance is Rebirth of Classical antiquity. Before Renaissance period, there was significant and intellectual decline of art because of rise of Christianity. Christianity was raised in Middle age and this age is called “Dark Age”. In the Dark Age people became “God Central” the human. In that time Church controlled everything in the society. Education system was directly related with Church. The education system is called “Scholasticism”. This education system was never focus on literature, history and philosophy. It was only focus on men would be doctor, lawyer and theology. Theology means study of God. In Middle age people did not read books of philosopher Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. They read edit copy of those books which were related with The Holy Bible. That time painting was used for educate people. Painting became flat and two dimensions. No new art form, new artist or philosopher came out in middle age. The practice of art was decline in that time. People were busy to please of God.
The Renaissance took place in Italian when Western Europeans "rediscovered" much of the art, architecture, philosophy, legal principles, and other advancements of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The Renaissance is also called cultural movement. In this time classical text was revived. That time society was more human centre then god. In that period human thinking mind had been changed. Thinking type was based on “Humanism”. The education system was called “Humanistic”. Humanistic study was focused on the study of grammar, history, literature, poetry, oratory and moral philosophy. By learning those subject people can know their society. That time people started reading books of philosopher Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. The art got new version in this period. People started...

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