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Different Learning Behavior Between Asian And Western Universities

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Introduction.This paper considers the different cultural, the different role of teacher, and the different role of learner (include the plagiarism) between Chinese and western university. These are that Chinese cultural is impacted on Confucianism; the two aspects of the role of teacher: respect moral role and authority; Chinese students are rote learner and will be pressures for plagiarism. Some Chinese students often find when they start to further their education in a western university, that the educational culture and system is quite different from the one in their home country. Chinese students have their own cultural and Chinese learning behavior and attitude, which are different from ...view middle of the document...

Chinese students are very silence and do not voluntary to answer the questions. As Wan (2001) claimed that a training program, the Cultural Communication Capsule, can aid in cross-cultural adaptation by improving interpersonal and social communication skills. The process of learning in the western education system is the same process of response their learning experience and behavior culturally.Chinese core value is impacted on Confucianism. According to Nield (2004) "Confucianism is a behavior and moral dourine that is based on the teaching of Confucius"(P.191). Moreover, Nield (2004) claimed that Confucianism impact on education and the learning, teaching and assessment preferences of Chinese students. And many of the problems in teaching Chinese students arise out of a mismatch of expectations about behavior appropriate to a teacher and to a student (Ballard and Clanchy, 1991). Chinese students mismatch the western cultural because the Chinese tradition education is impact on them. Western cultural is engage the students to discuss and even argue. However, Chinese students always cannot be expected to perform the western education system better overnight.It is generally regarded that Chinese students have their own learning behavior. As Chan (1999) believed that the style of Chinese learning was influenced by Confucianism, which is dominated by rote learning. Also Cortazzi and Jin (1997) stated that academic cultures are so "normal" that lectures do not think they need to be explained, but Chinese students always confuse it. However, there was a distinction between rote and repetitive learning (Biggs as cite in Wong, 2004). Learning in an individual's thought processes or understanding, if not accompanied by understanding in the knowledge, would not be learning. Learning involves understanding. Besides, Guan and Dodder (2001) implied that Chinese students choose to adapt some values as needed to function more effectively in the new host environment while they also tended to hold on to other values in order to maintain cultural identity and psychological stability. At the same time, they may redefine the concepts of some values and give them new meanings in the new cultural context.Furthermore, the role of teacher is different between Chinese and western university.The role of teacher.The two aspects of the role of teacher are a respect moral role and authority in China which are impacted on Chinese traditional cultural. In China the teacher is accorded great respect.First, In China, teacher is their moral and spiritual development. Ballard and Clanchy (1991) have proposed that the wise teacher is a model to be emulated. The predominant view in the literature is that Chinese students are always following their teachers. However, Ngwainmbi (2004) claimed that the Chinese student as an inquisitive learner, their attitude toward to open to acquiring knowledge from western sources. In addition, the teacher is the model. Students should follow the...

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