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Different Between Eastern And Western Painting

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The difference between Eastern and Western painting

At the beginning
One day, I read an article in Internet. The guy insists that eastern pictures have more complicated subject and sharp expression than western pictures; however, people evaluate the eastern picture with the western standard so that eastern pictures are low-evaluated. At the moment, I find myself to know nothing about eastern painting, even though I am one of the eastern people. I have learned lots of famous western pictures since middle and high school; on the contrary, no one explained the difference point of view between eastern and western painting. I have little information about eastern picture. Thus, I ...view middle of the document...

So, the high quality depends on how it is light or shade according to touch of a brush. Look at the picture 4. All colors are black channels except a red dog collar. And the dogs, which are the center of this picture, are darker than a tree as a background.
Western – Major materials are a canvas and oil paints. It is possible recoating the picture and easy to fix it again. And there are lots of colors basically and we can make another color mixing each other. Thus, the artist has to study that how the color is changed according to sunshine or the method of presenting perspective. Look at the picture 5 and 6. The Picture 5 shows us changed color per time and Picture 6 is drawn with the rule of perspective.

Picture 5
Picture 4
Picture 6

3. Purpose of painting

Eastern – Almost all the artists, especially in traditional Korea, were nobles in government service. They used the painting to clean their spirit and extend mental fields. Look at the picture 7. These are 4 elements which are the most popular subject materials.
Picture 7

An ume flower informs the beginning of spring with fresh fragrance. An orchid spreads a whisper of aroma over the valley alone. A chrysanthemum makes flower in the cold frost and a bamboo maintains the green color in spite of winter. These pictures mean a cycle of the four seasons and Korean artists want to train their mind through following the nature’s property.
Western – A traditional artist in western area was not a just painter but a mathematician, a scientist and an architect. The art was a generalized study so that they tried to have scientific access to subject materials. Look at the picture 8.

Picture 8
These pictures were drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. He observed details of all things around us and invented new equipment using structures of the organism. At the view of this, the major purpose of western painting is a detailed record and how to present details efficiently. A portrait is a record of human appearance and a rough sketch is developed to understand the object more efficiently.

4. Point of evaluation

Eastern – The point of evaluating eastern painting is what symbols in the picture are. Look at the picture 9. There are a magpie and a tiger but their...

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