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Different Aspects On Immigration Policies Essay

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Andrei P. Vlad
LRSP 305
Public Sector Management
Instructor: Professor Paola Brooks
October, 14, 2011
University of Mary Washington

I hereby declare upon my word of honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.
Different Aspects on Immigration Policies
The debate about U.S.A having a better protected border is a common issue well known by all of us. The border is assaulted everyday with hundreds maybe thousands of illegal immigrants hard working or not, educated or illiterate, but also tons of drugs who go straight to our streets destroying millions of families over the years. A better protected ...view middle of the document...

Kingdon’s model highlights the occurrence of three distinct streams, in agenda setting. It is the combination of these streams that allow, at a given time and in a given circumstance, for a particular issue to be formulated into a policy. Let's take the current immigration issues for example. Obama criticizes the tough new Arizona law, signed by Brewer in last year, that puts a step on illegal immigration. Crossing the border illegally becomes now, "a state crime and requires police to verify people's immigration status if the officer has 'reasonable suspicion' the person is in the United States illegally"( Douglass, Jun. 1, 2010).
The new Arizona's law has created a big debate across the nation; the window of opportunity came to horizon and puts the delicate immigration issue on the first page, again. "Opponents say the law encourages racial discrimination against Hispanics. It has sparked massive protests as well as economic boycotts of the state from communities as large at Los Angeles." (Douglass, Jun. 1, 2010). Brewer was greeted by conservatives and by other law supporters for finally taking a stand for those who enter the country illegally."The polls indicate that 59 percent of Americans approve of the measure". (Douglass, Jun. 1, 2010).
According to Douglass (2010), President Obama's position is that this law is the wrong approach in addressing illegal immigration and asked the Justice Department to review the law to determined whether it violates civil rights. This aspect can be also reflected in Kingdon's problem stream. The Kingdon's judgment on this stream is that any given situation needs to be recognized and clearly formulated as a problem-and only than it might have a slight chance to be transformed into a policy. "The problem stream is concerned with how a problem gets defined. How an issue gets defined is extremely important"(Greene J, 2005, p. 277). Indeed, a situation that is not seen as a problem, and for which options are never predicted or proposed, will never be formulated into a policy. Immigration on the other hand is a fierce debate nowadays. The immigration problem, like some other challenges (drugs, healthcare reform), can be related to more than one aspect. It can be related as a crime, related to drug trafficking or job losses. This is a highly complex challenge.
For example, in the outcome that the new policy will approve amnesty for the immigrants, there will still be some delicate issues. This is where the public opinion has again a big role. The illegal immigrants broke the law by entering the USA illegally.
"That is why they are called illegals. It is unfair for every American citizen and every immigrant who came here legally. There are laws in this country that should be obeyed and followed. By just granting them legal status they are circumventing the entire process. Imagine if you were standing in a line (at the movies, or grocery store) and all of a sudden numerous...

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