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Differences In Lokpal Bill And Jan Lokpal Bills

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The Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill): Is it flawless?
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By premsingh

differences in lokpal & jan lokpal bill
Source: curtsy youtube video on lokpal bill

Since the beginning of Anna Hazare's protest at Jantar Mantar, I have been an ardent supporter of him and impressed with the way of handling an agitation with strong determination. Frankly speaking, it was enough to know that corruption was the major issue and provisions in Lokpal bill were to be incorporated to take care of it. I never tried to know about the different clauses of the bill whether it was drafted by Govt. committee or by the Civil Society. Hazare's protest at Jantar Mantar did not ...view middle of the document...

Version or Civil Society Version and then apply own mind to judge the plus points of each bill. I tried to analyze salient features of both bills (Civil Society and Govt.) and present these in simple way so that others also can make an in-depth analysis. There is no doubt that Anna Hazare has initiated crusade against corruption but some people may try to take advantage of the situation. An unbiased analysis may help common people to know the real intentions behind both the bills.
Corruption charges against NGOs
What does Govt. Version of Lokpal Bill says?
All the Non-Government Organizations,trusts, charities, movements, societies irrespective of funding sources should be covered under Lokpal.
What does Civil Society Version of Jan Lokpal Bill says?
Civil Society insists that Non-Government Organizations who receive government funds should be covered under Lokpal and self financed NGOs, trusts and movements should be kept out of Lokpal ambit. 
What does the logic demands?
Several private organizations are involved in different type of malpractices and receive funds from international organizations for charity purpose but these organizations uses these funds for purposes other than the social work. Such organizations need to be covered under Lokpal.
Citizen's Charter for grievance redressal
What does Govt. Version of Lokpal Bill says?
Government did not agree to have Citizen's Charter for each and every department for grievance redressal.
What does Civil Society Version of Jan Lokpal Bill says?
Civil Society insist for Citizen's Charter for grievance redressal for each department. It will be needed to show that a particular type of work will be done by a particular officer within a specified time period.
What does the logic demands?
This demand raised through Jan Lokpal bill is very important. Common people would not go to file complaints against local officials to Lokpal. If a grievance redressal cell is made in each office, it will hear the complaint of people related to department. If it fails to help people, complainant may approach Lokpal for help and justice.
Issue of Phone Tapping
What does the Govt. Version of Bill says: Permission to tap a phone may be granted only by the Home scretary.
What does the Civil Society Version of Bill says: Lokpal Bench will grant permission for phone tapping.
What the logic demands:Phone tapping is a very serious issue and it is encroachment in the privacy of a person. Permission should not be given for phone tapping to any one if it is to accumulate evidences against a person involved in corruption. There are several other means to collect evidences in corruption cases. Permission for tapping a phone must not be given in cases other than security threats.
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