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Differences In Health Traditions And Cultures

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Differences in Health Traditions and Cultures

Growing diversity in the United States is veracity in the 21st century. Undeniable proof on poor quality of health care provided to ethnic and racial minorities of all ages, compared to non-minorities, were provided by The Institute of Medicine. Attempts to remove health inequalities rising from differences in culture should concentrate on creating patient-clinician reliance relationships, knowing the cultural surrounding conditions of health responses and humanizing one’s consideration to cultural differences in association with the administrative process and preferences in health care (Schmidt, 2012). Discussing the usefulness of ...view middle of the document...

Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Acupuncture and Acupressure are the traditional medicinal system in India (Shapiro, n d). People believe in herbal medicines to accelerate the healing process, even though western medicines are widely used by younger generation. Certain tribal people still follow their traditional way of using magic spells to cure the diseases.
People focus more on preventing diseases than curing it in current situation. They give more importance to restoring health, maintaining and protecting it through vaccinations, health screenings and physical checkups. Optimal health in communities is integrated and improved by public health services. Public sectors and schools are mainly focused by the government of India, with regard to hygiene and sanitation improvements, as well as food and water provisions. A vital part in health promotion is considered to be health education. In private and public sectors, India is well fitted with advanced amenities for health care. People are motivated and educated on health issues through means of media such as television, radio, newspapers, and printed articles. As an Indian, my family and me is deeply involved in our culture. Whenever needed, we seek proper treatment, medical counseling, and diagnosis. Men are considered to be dominant in Indian society. Indians prefer healthcare providers of same sex and expect them to be trust worthy during treatments. (Shapiro, n d).

Middle Eastern countries have different health traditions and beliefs when compared to that of Indian. In Arab countries, Muslims believe that evil eye irrational belief is the reason for diseases. People use unusual wristbands and infuriated perfumes in order to get protection from evil eye. Increased level in education has caused the reason for the vanishing of such customs in the present situation. By means of appropriate preservation of health and food nutrition, the Middle Eastern communities give emphasis on preserving good health conditions. Once the signs or symptoms start to appear, the new generation people look for medical support. At later stages, even old generation people, who are fatally ill, will also consider the implementation of modern medicines and advances treatment methods due to the influence of the new generation. Health promotions and disease preventions are well known to Arabs. Free medical attention is available to people at government hospitals and clinics. Most of the people use immunizations and screening methods in illness detection and prevention. They also make use of the most appropriate health promotion methods. As anywhere in the world, media plays a major role in cheering people on reinstallation of health (Transcultural Nursing, 2008).

There are various beliefs and traditions related to health, in Nigeria. Life is defined as a series of action and an individual’s basic virtues as power and force. They believe that good health means harmony with the...

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