Differences In Competencies Between Bsn And Adn

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A Registered nurse is a healthcare professional who works in collaboration with other healthcare team to provide treatment, safety, and recovery of acutely and chronically ill individuals. They are also accountable for the health promotion and maintenance of patients, families, communities, and the entire population at large in a wide range of healthcare settings. They also constitute the surveillance system for early detection of complications and problems in care and in the best position to initiate actions that will minimize negative outcome for ...view middle of the document...

It is a two year program that encompasses a balance between general education and clinical nursing courses. Graduates of ADN are prepared with clinical competence and technical proficiency needed to practice safely in multiple settings and to fully assume the RN role (Mahaffey 2002). Larger percentage of students seems to embrace this program more because of its duration, affordability, and the convenience of attending community college from home. The educators of this program are committed to offering quality training that are continually evolving to reflect local community needs and emerging healthcare delivery systems. Baccalaureate degree program or Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) on the other hand prepares its graduates as generalists to practice nursing in beginning leadership positions in a variety of settings. BSN course work is a combination of ADN and Diploma course work plus in-depth course work on physical and social sciences, liberal education, quality and patient safety, evidenced based practice, information management, complex communication and collaboration, clinical prevention and professional values. This broader curriculum or component will better equip the nurse to face challenges in healthcare system as stated in quote “ The additional course work enhances the students professional development, prepares the new nurse for a broader practice and provide the foundation for progression to advanced roles in nursing” (Raines 2008). Baccalaureate nursing practice as explained in the Grand Canyon University College of nursing philosophy incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, providing care, teaching and leading. It went further to say that nursing practice also includes health promotion, disease prevention, early detection of health deviation, prompt and adequate treatment of human response to illness and compassionate care to end of life patients.
The American Nurses association defines competency as an expected level of performance that integrates knowledge skills, ability and judgment. In the light of this definition, both programs have competences in the nursing field but differ in scope and components. The ADN mostly have clinical and technical competency while the BSN graduate acquires clinical, leadership, research, management, and critical thinking competency. The ADN demonstrates its clinical and technical competency in various aspects of patient care which entails using the knowledge of nursing process. They are involved in prevention, promotion and maintenance of individual health of all ages. They are competent enough to handle patient’s assessment, gather medical history, and prioritize care after collecting data using nursing judgment to make diagnosis and also implement nursing interventions. The ADN graduate usually practice in structured settings where they follow developed protocols and...

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