Differences In Communication Strategies Of Men And Women

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Differences in Communication Strategies of Men and Women
Robert Bly and Deborah Tannen say there is a large difference in the way men and women communicate. In the article, "Where are Men and Women Today?" Bly and Tannen describe women as rapport-talkers. Rapport-talk is using language as a way of establishing connections and relationships with others. They continue by stating that men use report-talk to communicate. It means that they attempt to preserve independence and maintain status in their communication.
Classifying men and women in these two categories helps to explain their behavior in talking with others. Since women are trying to ...view middle of the document...

However, it can be bad because only a few people get to actually know the person. An example would be a woman is judged by a mass number of people as a promiscuous person. Her close friends or people she has related to might judge otherwise because of their inside knowledge of this person.
Men have similar problems except in a personal context. Society says that men have to be strong and show no emotion. This is why they have trouble talking with women privately about intimate issues. Plus, not talking about these issues lead to a build up in emotions, which lead to mid-life crisis, withdraw from interaction with people, and possibly suicide. Women seem to suffer less of these problems because of their capability to confront or talk about such issues.
Before reading the article, "Where are Men and Women Today?" I would have fallen into the category of men who thought that a woman's opinion meant very little. Since reading this article, I have realized that I wasn't using critical...

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