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Differences Between The Roman And Greeks

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Roman Differences Similarities Greek Differences
corinthian column column in the Temple building Used Doric column
cultural consist of city and state both began their histories as city state cultural is older
temple built ornale inside, plain outside temple built were ornale inside and outside
worship the god religion worship Alexender the great
Spoke Roman woman were second class citizen Spoke Greek
material used for thr arch was post and lintel system material used for the arch decorative effect
wore togas accept slavery as a fact of life wore tunic
Greek cultural last longer then the Roman did
Roman art was realistics the Greek art was ancient
theme was debuched theme was classical

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2. The early Greek city-state, consisting of a city or town and its surrounding territory. Polis is described as city in Greek. Also known in Ancient Greek as city-state, it could also mean citizenship and body of citizens. You had to be born in to citizenship by naturalization otherwise you could be shut out of democracy. This being a new concept of the ancient world which demonstrates culture might be universal to the Greeks.\

3. Imperial Rome, in which case it is the entire Roman Empire from the time of the first emperor, Caesar Augustus (Octavius), who came to rule in 27 B.C.E., to what many consider to be time of Constantine the Great, who became emperor in 306 C.E. & the Empire divided to begin the Byzantine era in the East; however, traditionally, the last (Western) Roman emperor is considered to be Romulus Augustus, who's reign ended with the official fall of Rome (Western Empire) in 476 C.E.

4. The Etruscans had a thriving civilization long before the city state of Rome began to expand in Italy and gain power. The Etruscans had engineering skills that were passed on to Rome. The ancient Romans improved the Etruscan skills in engineering. But as an example of pre Roman engineering, the Etruscan engineers knew how to build draining tunnels to make use of the overflowing lake water and irrigate their crop fields. The practice of slavery was part of Etruscan society and this also became a way of life for ancient Romans. The Etruscans were skilled at mining, and knew how to use iron ore to make weapons, produce coinage and to trade their earth ores to other peoples for profit. These skills and methods were passed on to the ancient Romans who used them once they had defeated the rule of Etruscan kings

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