Differences Between Human And Animal Language

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Linguistics is derived from the Latin word “Lingua” which is the technical name of tongue. It is also used to mean Language.
The word Book Dictionary (1993) defines linguistic as the science of language; comperatives study of languages, including the study of speech sounds language ...view middle of the document...

The relevant of linguistics to a language student is based on its aspects, such as; phonetics as the process by which all speech sounds are described, phonology; the system and practice of patterns that occur in a language, morphology; the minimal linguistics element that carries grammatical and /or semantics meaning, syntax; the study of arrangement and inter relations of morphones, words, phrases and clauses, semantics; the study of meaning words phrases and sentences. Linguistics deals with language and as such has its applications in every aspects of human life. Without language, linguistics is invaluable. In its study helps student of language to learn and understand the subject and the problems that the student have in the learning of the language. This means, it helps the student to find the appropriate methods to overcome their learning difficulties so as to facilitate effective learning. Linguistics trains student in analytical thinking, it again helps student to develop skills in data analysis, problem solving, logical and critical thinking, all of which can help us in any field we might engage in.

It is clearly understood that linguistics cuts across the traditional boundaries between disciplines which involves humanities, social, biological and behavioral science and is therefore essential aspect of any liberal arts education. In phonetics for example, we have to study the organs that human being use to produce speech sounds, we also study how children acquire their language and how older people learn second language. In the study of linguistics we are also introduced to how societies use languages.

The study of linguistics also helps students to know how to speak a language, the manner in which to use the language and the purpose of which the student uses it. Linguistics in general exposes...

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