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Difference In Technology In China And Japan

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The Difference in Technology in China and Japan

In the past years China and Japan have been neck and neck in developing very good technology, but Japan and China have stepped up with more or less definitive declarations of intent. Now authors have emphasized that they both have grown more complicated. Some of the problems with both of them are that the international politics and the domestic may affect the industry in some ways.
Japan has been pioneering many new technologies in ASDL. Japan was one of the words early adopters of broadband internet Even though Japan lost to china they still continued to grow. Last year Japan lost its number one global ranking to china. ASDL has a ...view middle of the document...

The nation has begun to take seriously the notion of technological innovation as a complex, systemic problem.
China has some of the best technology out there besides Japan. Some of china’s latest inventions are the Play station 3 and the PSP. The play station 3 is one of the most advanced systems out there besides the iPod touch. It has a vary of features like for example it has a blu-ray player built in it. It also has an internet browser so you want have to look up certain things on the laptop or the desktop. The other system is the PSP. It is a handheld Ps3 but with other features like on the go gaming, music player, picture gallery, and many other features.
Japan latest inventions was the LCD TV with a built in Blu-ray player. Customers are saying that this new TV is very good because you don’t have to go buy a TV and a DVD player. Now you have to buy the TV and you’re all set. Other inventions are the iPhone, Voice command robots, and other newly created phones. The iPhone is way different than the iPod touch because it consists of a built in phone and 3G networking that you get with your service provider. For example ATT or T-mobile are providers of the iPhone.
China and Japan are neck and neck in inventing new ways to improve people’s lives. It comes down to say that...

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