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Difference In Practice Between Bsn And Rn

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The Impact on Nursing of the 2010 IOM on the Future of Nursing.

In 2008 ,the Robert wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) lunched a 2years initiative to to respond to assess and transform the nursing profession. The IOM appointed the committee on the RWJF ,initiative on the future of nursing at IOM. The IOM report is a recent development on the landscape of nursing, it include “The future of nursing ,leading change ,advancing health” which was released in October 2010.Its mission is to “serve as adviser to nation to improve health”. Its opinion are highly regarded and carry heavy weight legislative decision.

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As the patient needs and care environment have become more complex ,nurses need to attain requisite competencies to deliver high quality care. These competences include leadership, health policy ,system improvement, health policy ,system improvement, research and evidence based practice, teamwork and collaboration ,as well as competency in specific critical area such as community and public health geriatrics.

Impact on leadership ;Nursing also are being called upon to fill expanding roles and to master technological tools and information management system while collaborating and co-coordinating care across team of health professional. To respond to these increasing demand, the IOM committee calls for nurses to achieve higher level of education and suggest that they be educated in ways that better prepare them to meet to need of the population.

Impact on practice delivery; Nursing curricula need to be re-examined, updated, and adaptive enough to change with patient changing needs, and with the improvement in sciences and technology .The IOM committee say new approach and approach and educational model must be developed to respond to burgeoning information in the field. For example ,Fundamental concept that can be applied across all settings and in different situation need to be taught ,rather than requiring rote memorization, competencies also must moved from task-based proficiencies to high level competencies that provide a foundation for care manifest. Knowledge and decision making under a variety of clinical situation and care settings.

Additionally ,emerging new competencies in decision making, quality improvement system , thinking...

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