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Difference Between Adn And Bsn Essay

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Title - Difference in competencies between nurses prepared at the Associate degree level versus
Baccalaureate degree level in nursing.

Name - Thomas Paleyl
Course – NRS-430V- 0109
Date – 12 April 2014

The importance of education cannot be over-emphasize in any walks of life, it is the vehicle that drive individual to the destination point of achieving goals, objectives and making dreams come true. It is in the same token that people aspire to move up the ...view middle of the document...

Friberg (2011) explain that Baccalaureate nursing was founded immediately after the war and the contribution of the holder of this BSN certification under such atmosphere where the returning wounded soldiers needed help with treating of their wounds and getting integrated into the society cannot be stressed enough. Under these circumstances, nurse’s services become a hot demand and at the same time these returning soldiers under the GI Bills were able to attend college. Some of whom went on to become nurse through the opportunity of the Baccalaureate program, hence it help to solve the problem of shortages of nurses in those era. The opportunity provided by the baccalaureate includes taking classes that help to sharpen the intellectual capacity of these veterans and prepared them for the necessary skills needed to become a qualified Registered Nurse.
When it comes to competency, without doubt the Baccalaureate Degree prepared student better than the Associate Degree in nursing while in the process of becoming a Registered Nurse. This has to do with the number of year of training and number of classes taken by baccalaureate student compare to the student with Association Degree. Also the baccalaureate degree afforded the student the chance to learn the best way to treat and care for patient while on the way to recovery. Teaching of advance skills and techniques with respect to the equipments and other life supporting gadgets, clearly comes into play when comparing BSN and AND. It is also interesting to mention that in depth knowledge on counseling of patient outcome is incorporated to the curriculum of the baccalaureate program which helps with experience in educating patient on the way forward to manage their illness. According to the McGarette (1998) it was discover that hospital with more baccalaureate nursing have been found to have performance rate in terms of patients-clinical satisfaction with little or no error; compare to hospital with more nursing staff with Associate Degree in nursing, the better explanation for this is that the hospital with more baccalaureate could afford to do more for the patient because of the extensive training which eventually affect the clinical and patient outcome result. While the limited experience of the nursing staff with Associate Degree is one of the factor contributing to these differences.
Thus it is not surprising that a...

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