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Diet Plans Essay

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Weight Watchers has been around for years and is currently offering several programs to support both men and women in achieving their goal weight loss. Weight Watchers works on a “points” system where each item they eat is provided a point equivalent and they subtract points throughout the day from a points total. This total is determined by a formula that takes into consideration the participant’s starting weight, age and activity level. One of the best features of the Weight Watchers program is that they can eat any foods that they like as long as they deduct the points value from their daily total. The program teaches participants how to control portions and establish a well-balanced ...view middle of the document...

After five days, you will be able to add two cups of green vegetables to meals each day, but they specify that participants should have one cup with lunch and one for dinner. This diet allows participants to consume only 20 carbohydrates per day. Adding more carbohydrates, drinking carbonated soft drinks, and sugar will stop the ketosis process and slow your weight loss. In addition to 20 carbohydrates per day, counting calories is the next step in Dr. Sattele’s weight loss process.
Weight Watchers diets are created to make dieting simpler for the participant. The points system has been calculated to include calories, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in each point value. Many members feel that this system is much easier than traditional diets, as they can look up the point value in a booklet issued by the program, using an application on their smart phone or from the Weight Watcher’s website. They simply deduct the points until their daily allowance is gone. In contrast, the requirement to counting calories while on the Rapid Weight Loss program is critical for success. Rapid Weight Loss typically allows participants to eat 900 calories per day, with an allowance of 20 carbohydrates as well, which is outlined in Dr. Sattelle’s meal plans and on his website. Metabolic processing using this exact balance is essential. Once the body has gone into ketosis, you must refrain from eating all sugars, breads, pastas, milk, soft drinks, and all sweet vegetables. These vegetables such as corn, butter beans, and all fruits turn to sugar once it is broken down in the digestive system. You are allowed to eat two cups per day of green vegetables. Your choices for those servings consist of cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, celery and spinach. If this menu is strictly adhered to, significant weight loss will be achieved within one month on the program. For some people it is necessary to also use appetite control medication or metabolism enhancing medications to help with them maintain a steady pace on the program they have chosen. Some examples of these medications include Adipex, multi-vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, and Chromium Picolinate.
Diet medications are not part of the Weight Watchers program. If participants feel they need an extra boost to kick start their program, they can obtain a prescription for an appetite suppressant from their physician. Normally, any weight loss program promotes healthy eating and exercise to ensure a safe level of weight loss and to assure progress toward your target goal. Weight Watchers tools and guidelines teach the participant how to choose healthy foods and the program defines the consequences for poor choices. On the other hand, maintaining a 900 calorie per day diet is not easy for an overweight person that is accustomed to eating 2500...

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