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Did The Suffragettes Do More Harm Than Good For The Women's Voting Campaign

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Did the Suffragettes Do More Harm Than Good To The Votes For Women Campaign?I think the Suffragettes did more good to the women's campaign for votes because the militancy did help women's suffrage as the Governments only option was to give in to it otherwise it would just get worse. The Government was also concerned that after the war the violence would all start again because the violence and irrational behaviour was giving the Government no other road to take. This is supported by Source C which says "the aggressive actions are doing good, they do appear to be making a difference". This shows that the aggressive actions were gripping the Governments attention. It also says it's only a ...view middle of the document...

Source G supports this because it has a picture of a Lion being attacked by Suffragettes. The Lion looks weak but the Suffragettes are terrorizing and twisting it, even though it's dangerous. They are aggravating a worn out Lion even though the Lion can react badly; the same way they were aggravating Britain which was worn out and Britain could have easily erupted with anger.Another reason why the Suffragettes did more good than harm is because they delayed women's suffrage by making the thought of women getting the vote more unpopular. For example MPs who supported women's suffrage went into decline. In addition the conciliation bill was working on giving suffrage to some women. At the start the majority of the votes were for but as the militancy increased the votes for for were soon beaten by a massive margin. Furthermore the Government could not be seen giving into violence otherwise that would end up firing up other rebel groups. This is supported by source A which shows a shrieking Suffragette, underneath it says "You...

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