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Did John Woo's Style Of Directing

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Did John Woo's Style of Directing

"The Killer" and "Mi2" are not very alike in style. "Hard Boiled" is
similar to The Killer and "Hard Boiled's" and "Face off's" shootouts
are very similar.

In Mi2 a lot of the ideas for the action scenes were developed before
the making of the film. This would explain the lack of substance in
some of the action scenes. When I say substance I mean action with a

(Show the mountain climbing scene of Mi2)

But then again, Woo did not write Mi2, Robert Towne did so he had less
control over the content of the film unlike the amount of control he
has in "The Killer" which he wrote himself.

Tom ...view middle of the document...


(From issue 102 of Empire Magazine)

Honour is very important in Woo's films as this extract from Empire
Magazine reveals:

"My films are always concerned with family,

friendship, honour and patriotism. I think this kind of morality might
be a

bit old-fashioned but I think it's worth trying for because there is a

good things in the past. People were a lot more caring about each

they knew how to respect each other and they use to love their family

their country and somehow that changed. I like to bring back all those

old things in the films."

(Catalogue item 8)

This would probably explain why the character Jeffrey in "The Killer",
feels that he has to help Jenny so often even at the risk of his own
life because he was responsible for her going blind.

(Show the scene where Jeffrey says that he will do one more hit just
so he can pay for Jenny to have corrective surgery.)

The theme of friendship is very strong in "The Killer" as multiple
characters risk their lives for there friends. Jeffrey's best friend
even lowers himself by begging for his boss to pay Jeffrey because his
friendship is that strong. Jeffrey's best friend also takes a strong
beating when he goes to take the money by force. He soon dies from the
injuries he sustained.

(Show the clip where Jeffrey takes the money and has to shoot his way

There is also a strong presence of honour in "Hard Boiled". There is a
scene when the co-star and one of the bad guys are having a shoot out.
The fight is so hectic that it takes them into a room full of innocent
civilians, which they do not want to harm. To solve this they both
drop their guns and ask the civilians to move (which is the honourable
thing to do).

(Show that clip)

John Woo's Hong Kong films are very bloody, very often the characters
clothes will be stained with their own blood and with the blood of
their enemies. Woo's American films do not have this trait, possibly
because of Woo having to stay within American censorship regulations.

(Show final Fight scene of "The Killer").

In Woo's Hong Kong films, the characters are very smooth and are
portrayed in a cool likeable fashion. But (If Mi2 is anything to go
by) unlike his Hollywood films, the good guys get hit quite badly by

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