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Dickens' Social Aims In A Christmas Carol

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Dickens' Social Aims in A Christmas Carol

In this essay I am going to explain in detail; what Dickens is trying
to achieve by writing "A Christmas Carol". This will involve his aims,
which is that the poor should be treated with more compassion and how
he is going to achieve this, which involves opening the eyes of people
with enough wealth and power and by educating people to get rid of any

Dickens' tool that he creates and uses within his novel is a
caricature of the problem that he is aiming to put right, which is
that the poor should be treated with more compassion. This character
is known as Ebenezer Scrooge. Dickens also uses the ...view middle of the document...

Scrooge treats everyone
disrespectfully and he is a misanthropist which is someone who hates
people in general. The way that Dickens creates Scrooge brings the
problem that Dickens is trying to solve to the attention of the reader
and they immediately understand what Dickens is describing the problem
as because of Scrooge.

In the first stave the first person that Scrooge comes into contact
with is his clerk Bob Cratchit who was a very under paid worker that
Scrooge had employed. From the moment dickens describes the
relationship between Scrooge and the clerk it is clear to the reader
that Scrooge thinks he is superior to Cratchit because of the money
that Scrooge has. Dickens quotes "Scrooge had a very small fire, but
the clerk's fire was so very much smaller that it looked like one
coal, but he couldn't replenish it, for Scrooge kept the coal box in
his own room" this is just one example of how Scrooge treats his clerk
as he could not find the simple generosity inside him to give his hard
working clerk some coal. Also when the clerk is leaving for the night
on Christmas Eve he has a conversation with Mr Cratchit. Cratchit asks
for the day off tomorrow which is Christmas Day and Scrooge is very
reluctant to let him have the day off. Scrooge quotes; "A poor excuse
for picking a mans pocket every twenty-fifth of December! But I
suppose you must have the whole day. Be here all the earlier next
morning!" This is an example of how badly treated Mr Cratchit is by
Scrooge not only is he underpaid for how much hard work he puts in he
also has only one holiday a year that even then his boss is reluctant
to let him have the day off. This is Dickens being clever and using
Cratchit to his advantage by making the reader feel sympathy for
Cratchit by how Scrooge treats him so that Dickens can tell the reader
through there relationship that the poor needed to be treated better
or with more compassion.

During the first stave Scrooge is visited by two charity collectors
when he is at his place of work. This scene in the book is a key one
because Scrooges actions during this scene are to some extent evil.
The charity collector is asking whether Scrooge could donate some
money to those who are not as wealthy as himself.

Scrooge becomes tense during this scene and quotes; "I wish to be left
alone. Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I
don't make merry myself at Christmas, and I can't afford to make idle
people merry. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned:
they cost enough: and those who are badly off must go there." This
quote is showing the reader how shockingly tight Scrooge is with his
money and how unkind he is during a festive season of the year. The
charity collector says that "Many can't go there, many would rather
die." This quote is supposed...

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