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Dick Spencer Case Study

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* Dick Spencer Case Study
In this report, I mention about a case study to highlight the managerial issues faced by an organization. Spencer was a plant manager of Modrow Company, a Canadian branch of Tri-American Company. Dick did his MBA and served this company for 14 years. He started his career as a salesman. With time he continued to work successfully on different contracts and finally he was spoken of as “boy of watch”. Later he wanted to move on different career domain, so he finally transferred to the home office of organization. He was nominated as an assistant to senior vice president of production. In the following sections, we will cover the managerial issues faced ...view middle of the document...

The sliding department incident is one of the examples showing Dick’s behavior as micromanager. Here Dick wanted to concentrate on the cost reduction only, picked up the thin strips, bent it several times and fitted into the barrel. After assuring himself that bending was possible, he walked over to a worker at the saw and asked why he was using the saw when material could easily be bent and fitted into the barrels, resulting in saving the time and equipment. But the worker responded “We have never done it in that way sir. We have always cut it.”
According to the NFIB, Micromanagement is readily recognized by employees, but most micromanagers don't think of themselves as micromanagers. Rather, they usually believe they're practicing good management. The micromanager is customarily authoritarian in outlook, taking the job quite seriously, accepting personal responsibility for everything that's done and generally following an approach that says, in effect, "The buck stops here." Most of the time the micromanager also firmly believes the adage that "If you want something done well, you've got to do it yourself." (
Excessive attention to detail, planning tasks to minutiae, and obsessively tracking the time employees spend at their desks, on their breaks, etc are some of the more extreme activities associated with micromanagement. While this may seem to some like the work managers should be doing, in fact these behaviors are detrimental and take the managers focus away from the bigger picture.
Sometimes, it really frustrated the individual employee due to micromanagement by micromanager person. One of these examples is mentioned in this case study about the foreman who was disturbed due to continuous of Dick Spencer on him. He has been treated as if he was incapable and untrustworthy. We often see ourselves as others see us and, when treated as unworthy, we will soon feel unworthy. In this way, people who are micromanaged can become dependent, unable to make the smallest decision without asking their manager. Alternatives to this total submission, which many take, include remaining frustrated or leaving. In any case, it is easy for one's confidence to be severely knocked.
Here question is raised “Why do managers micromanage?” There can be a number of reasons. First, they may reasonably not trust the person either because there is evidence to support this or because the newness of the relationship has not yet yielded evidence to support trust. There might also be a high-risk situation which merits extra management attention. A more likely explanation is an internal need for the manager to manage closely. The manager may also feel (or want to feel) superior to the person, effectively confusing authority with ability. The person thus seems incompetent and the manager looks for confirmation of this in the smallest details of the person's work. A minor error is thus taken as evidence of the person's total incompetence and the manager's...

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