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Diary Entry Essay

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It happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks end by Nancy’s last diary entry. Nancy talks about her life with Aunt Thelma, the Gaggle, and the wonderful farm which she spends the rest of her life. She speaks like a matured person and tried to take everything in a positive way. She didn’t complaint about her pains to others and stayed calm.

April 12 Time: who knows …who cares…
Dear Self,,,,,,,,
The Gaggle sends me tons of letters and stuffs. I didn’t finish reading them yet. Mom called me last night and we talked about moving to new apartment. I wish I could talk to dad soon. He is ...view middle of the document...

I don’t care about it because I can’t spend the whole day in bed. I don’t want to waste a single second of my life. i want see Lew . “”””LEW””””???? Oh dear self, I forgot about him. I hadn’t written anything about him since I came here. MAG!!!! He sends me a letter. Oh lord……I don’t want to open it. I don’t want to read it. I don’t want to wet my pillow all the night. Wow!! Aunt Thelma let the new baby chickens out of the coop. I want to touch them. Hold them. Kiss them. Wait; did I say I want to kiss them? Dear self, your kisses are poison. Your blood is dangerous.
Let’s get back to thinks which make me happy. I want to see Dorie’s baby. El told me that some kids made fun of her at school but she took everything in a positive way. If I am lucky to have a baby and if it is a girl, I will name her El. I am lucky to have a “”Mag Mag Magnif “” friend like El. I hope she will visit me again soon. I wish I could give her a gift or anything like that. Alright dear self, got a super mag mag idea. I can throw a party on her birthday with all our friends in this beautiful farm. I want to discuss about it with mom next time when she call me. Oh the phone is ringing. Let me go and pick it up. Who will be that?
El ?
Mom ?
Dad ?
Maybe Lew ???????????????????????????????
No self no ……..don’t think about things make your heart cry. Talk to you later
Love you ..

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