Diapers And Washing Hands Essay

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The video on washing hands is a good way for you to teach your child and other how to wash their hands the proper way. Adults know that we wash ours hands before we eat, after we use the restroom, cough, sneeze, or pick up dirty things. We as parents and teachers need to instill these health tips to our students. A lot of parents just sit there child down to eat without washing or sanitizing their hands. Let’s wash
Those germs away. I feel very confident about my demonstration, because I have worked in daycare and food services; and the one thing they were big on was cleanliness. I wouldn’t change anything about my demonstration, because I followed the video step by step and was ...view middle of the document...

During the demonstration, I was more focused on keeping the baby still while I changed its diaper. I remembered from the video I could have given the child a toy to play with while I changed him or her diaper. I would not change anything about my demonstration. T he Director told me I did an awesome job. I also taught the teacher in the room how to change a diaper properly. I’ve learned just to have fun and enjoy what I am doing. I now understand that if I make a mistake, I need to see to it that the mistake is corrected right away. I always try to do these steps for health reason for myself, the children, and to stop the spreading of germs.

Steps for Hands Washing
1. Turn water on (lukewarm)
2. Wet hands add soap
3. Rub hands together and in between finger very good
4. Rinse hands
5. Dry hands
6. Turn faucet off with paper towel
7. Place paper towel in the trash can

Steps for Changing Diapers
1. Prepare Changing Area (gloves, diapers, wipes, & plastic bag)
2. Place Child on changing table Use straps or place one hand on child
3. Diaper under child
4. Clean baby’s bottom Wipe front to back
5. Apply clean diaper
6. Place dirty/wet diaper in bag
7. Wipe baby’s hand with wipes and your
8. Wash baby’s hand with soap and water
9. Dry baby’s hands (baby back to playing area or cribs)
10. Throw the plastic bag containing the soiled diaper in trash can
11. Sanitize changing station with bleach water (½ cup bleach and water mix) air dry
12. Wash your hand with lukewarm water and soap (20 second)
13. Dry hands
14. Turn faucet off with paper towel (paper towel in trash)
14. Write in log what child did

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