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Diagnosing The Change Essay

674 words - 3 pages

Diagnosing the Change
Natalie Howard
DeVry University
Jay Egger
June 1, 2014

Diagnosing the Change
This paper will discuss the use of a diagnostic model identifying the performance aspects of the two organizations that I chose. Chevron/Texaco and Coca-Cola are the two companies that I will be looking into to get an understanding of some critical cultural issues and to see what strategies were being used to correct the companies’ complaints about racial discrimination.
Nadler Congruence Model
I chose to use the Nadler congruence model to identify cultural problems within both organizations’ environment. Nadler uses a model that is based on the principle that an ...view middle of the document...

Relating these problems to the Nadler congruence model would be to consider the cultural and social aspects of the organization. There were complaints of African Americans being paid less wages than what they should have been getting as well as promotions not being considered. Coca-Cola was accused of violating the federal anti-discrimination laws (Winter, 2000). The company suffered loss of revenue and public humiliation.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths - Multi-billion companies
Weaknesses - unfair cultural and social behavior
Opportunities – Become more diverse and restructure how minorities are treated
Threats – Loss of revenue and public scrutiny/Huge settlement payouts for discrimination violations.
Areas of Resistance
I feel that an area of resistance would be people not wanting to work for a company that has that kind of reputation with it comes to ethical values in the workplace. These two companies are well known organizations that I’m pretty sure people are proud to be part of. African Americans are looking to be treated with the same respect as Whites and expect to be given...

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