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Diabetic Case Study

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|[pic] |History and Physical |
|Name |Larry Garcia |Date | |Gender |M |
|Allergies | |DOB |12/21/1965 |Age |45 |
| |
|Chief Compaint (CC) ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Medications |
|Multivitamin: 1 daily |
| |
|Allergies |
|No known allergies |
| |
|Social History |
|He has been married for 18 yrs to Monica, who is 8 yrs. his junior. They have 3 children, a son Mark 15, a daughter Kelly 12, and another daughter |
|Andrea, 8. He has been employed as a sales representative for 10 yrs with the same company. It is a high pressure position, and he is expected to meet|
|his sales quota each month. He is Catholic, but the family only attends services on religious holidays. He enjoys fishing, has a new boat he |
|purchased 2 yrs. Ago but has only used twice. He helps to financially support his aging parents, and his wife provides them transportation to and from|
|appointments and helps them with grocery shopping. He takes care of their bills for them due to his father’s failing vision. |
| |
|He completed 2 yrs of college and earned an associate’s degree in business. He has always wanted to complete a Bachelor’s degree, but has not due to |
|his work and family responsibilities. He learns best by reading the material; he does not absorb verbal information easily. He has always that |
|“information has to be useful to bother learning it”. |
|Tobacco use –Never |
|ETOH- Occasional on weekends ...

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