Diabetes: Silent Killer Essay

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Diabetes is one of the leading cause in deaths among Americans. According to the American Diabetes Association there is said to be at least 25.8 million people in the United States with a case of diabetes. Nearly 7.0 million of these cases happen to be undiagnosed. Diabetes, also known as the silent killer, is a metabolism disorder. It is when the pancreas is not able to produce any or a certain amount of insulin. Insulin needs to be produced so that glucose can be properly transported through the body. Cells need glucose for energy and growth. A concerned nation has demanded that something be done to prevent cases of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed diabetes ...view middle of the document...

Negative side effects of diabetes can often be detrimental. Diabetes sometimes causes very poor eyesight. Which can plague you with glasses and in some cases even cause you to lose your eyesight. Feet are also a main concern among people with diabetes. Almost in every case of diabetes poor circulation starts with the feet. This often leads to amputation. Nerve damage is also a side effect of poorly treated diabetes. These complications that are listed above makes it almost impossible to properly function in the workplace. This may lead to the loss of a job or the inability to work. And we all know if you don’t work you don’t eat (http://sideeffectsofdiabetes.com/).

After conducting an interview with James Williams, an elderly man who has diabetes, I found out some very interesting things. James explained to me how he believes he went numerous years without knowing he had diabetes. During these years he suffered a stroke and other life changing difficulties. Although he made frequent doctor visits his illness went misdiagnosed.

For years people have tried to inform the nation about diabetes. Many associations have been formed and there is also a World Diabetes Day. By doing such the number of undiagnosed diabetes cases have decreased. Although statistics have decreased, we all know our knowledge of diabetes can be bettered. Most people do not think twice about inheriting this disease. The symptoms of diabetes are often ignored and are mistaken for a more common illness.

Some people believe that a simple trip to the doctor can cure the world of its cases of undiagnosed diabetes. But there are plenty of people that do not take frequent nor occasional trips to the doctor. Without taking frequent trips to a doctor or the proper knowledge those individuals will not suspect diabetes to be the cause of their problems. There is also a astronomical amount of Americans that can not even afford to go to the doctor on a regular basis.

Other people suggest that just eating healthy and exercising can diminish the risk of getting diabetes. Only the ignorant would believe such a thing and that is exactly why the nation must be informed of this frightening disease. People with diabetes have the right to understand their disease. With the appropriate...

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