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Diabetes And The Older Adult Essay

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Diabetes and the Older Adult
Christine McDermott
Metro State University of Denver

General description of the Gerontological care issue
The ageing population is unusually increasing in the history of humanity. With increase in number of the older persons, there is a decline in that of the younger people and it is estimated that by 2050 the percentage of the older persons would have increase by 10% from the current 15% (Cisneros & Hickie, 2012). These changes come with major challenges not only to the health sector, but also to the pension and welfare system in both the first and second world countries.
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Evidence based findings in literature
With all these, diabetes becomes a major concern and it is important to address these issues using guidelines that will lay a foundation for high quality care for the old. Just like any other patients, the old people with diabetes also need holistic care together with evidence based findings and recommendation for treatment of glucose, lipids and blood pressure. It is important that the blood pressure and lipids reduce in the old above 70years to reduce other complications such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, on the other hand the evidence reduced glucose levels is not available.
Research carried out recently shows that increased target of glycated hemoglobin (HbA) ranger is appropriate and safer. At the same time as the momentum for more clinical experiments involving older subjects is to be encouraged. In the future, studies meant to take in people with diabetes should ensure that some assessment such as cognition, self-management ability and mood status become routine to the old people with diabetes. The procedures for these clinical trials must also include the measure in quality of life and the patient’s health status. Changes in cognition, hospitalization rates, and falls rates are also important patient related outcomes that should be incorporated in the clinical trials.
Many countries have healthcare policies whose mandate is to reduce health disparities and provide great evidence of equality in the provision of care. Just like with any other condition, these policies are also important in diabetes although in diabetes the old are always the priority.

With the global guideline in management of diabetes, there is a complete set of proposals that are evidence based. Even though there is lack of published information of clinical trials with in the old people with diabetes. The medical sector has also ensured that when possible, they stick o the primary principle of managing diabetes put down by the IDF. The recommendations helps in improving health outcomes, prevent diabetes, stop discrimination and raising the awareness of diabetic prevalence in the ageing population.
Literature review
Several researches has been carried out describing the range of co morbid illness and the functional loss in the ageing population. From these researches, a number of primary features have been emphasized such as vulnerability to hypoglycemia, frailty, the emergence of cognitive dysfunction and recurrent admissions into the hospitals. Some of these characteristic have not been included in the recent recommendations guidelines of clinical diabetes. This gap comes with questions if whether the guideline is standard or not.
The working part of this guidelines concur that there has been progress in this era and as an element of approach to individualizing care, there is a good number of guidelines emphasizing on the need to including factors duration of diabetes, life expectancy, co morbidity profiles, and risk...

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