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of Essentials Systems Analysis and Design, 3rd Ed. (by Valacich, George & Hoffer) Ch 3: Pine Valley Furniture Case Exercises Solutions A . How were Pine Valley Furniture's projects initiated? What is the focus for each of the new systems? Jackie Judson, PVF's vice-president of Marketing, submitted a Systems Service Request, requesting the development of a Customer Tracking System. The Customer Tracking System's focus is primarily tactical. PVF's board of directors initiated the WebStore project. The WebStore has more of a strategic focus. b. Modify the Customer Tracking System's economic feasibility analysis to reflect the modifications mentioned in the case scenario. Use a discount rate ...view middle of the document...

14) PV of Recurring Costs NPV of all Costs Overall NPV Overall ROI Break-even Analysis Yearly NPV Cash Flow Overall NPV Cash Flow Project Break-even occurs between years 2 and 3 Use first year of positive cash flow to calculate break-even fraction Actual occurs Break-even at 2.64 years 0.635 0.14 0.14 $0 1.0000 $0 $0 $47,500 $0 1.0000 $0 $47,500 $30,000 0.8772 $26,316 $73,815.79 $30,000 0.7695 $23,084 $96,900 $30,000 0.6750 $20,249 $117,149 $30,000 0.5921 $17,762 $134,911 $30,000 0.5194 $15,581 $150,492 $150,492 $39,498 0.26 Year 1 $50,000 0.877193 $43,860 $43,860 Year 2 $55,000 0.769468 $42,321 $86,180 Year 3 $55,000 0.674972 $37,123 $123,304 Year 4 $60,000 0.592080 $35,525 $158,829 Year 5 $60,000 0.519369 $31,162 $189,991 $189,991 Totals $47,500 ($47,500) $17,544 ($29,956) $19,237 ($10,719) $16,874 $6,155 $17,762 $23,917 $15,581 $39,498
c. Modify the worksheet created above using discount rates of 12 and 14 percent. What impact do these values have on the overall NPV, ROI, and BEP? Suggested answers are provided below. Chapter 3, PVF #3 12 Percent Year 0 Net Economic Benefit Discount Rate (.12) PV of Benefits NPV of all Benefits One-Time Costs Recurring Costs Discount Rate (.12) PV of Recurring Costs NPV of all Costs...

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