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Devil In The White City Book Report

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l Rudy Diaz
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November 20th, 2012
Book Report
Part One
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson takes place in old time Chicago around the late eighteen hundreds.
Part Two
Chicago is The White City. It snows a lot during the cold seasons. Chicago is a big city like New York. All of the houses that the middle class people live in are really not all that big. The people’s back yards are connected, and most people are friendly. It’s also very windy there. The White City is also known as The Windy City and it’s name stands true. Chicago is cold, the wind doesn’t make it any better, and it's a big city.
Chicago is cold. There’s no doubt about it. The temperatures definitely ...view middle of the document...

It’s constantly snowing. It will begin in late summer and end in early summer. The Windy City is Windy. The wind gets up to a constant speed of sixty and gusts of eighty. It is a largely populated city. Many people go there who can’t go to New York. Chicago is The White City.
Part Three
The people from the late eighteen hundreds in Chicago are all about architecture. The people were highly offended when a man named Daniel Burnham, the man put in charge of building the fair, hired people who were from other states (Mainly from New York) (Larson, 78). What the people wanted was the fair to be built by the people of Chicago. All of the people in Chicago seem to have one shared spirit. The way that people so when they go to sporting events. In the book this feeling is known as the "Chicago Spirit" when the voting for the location of a national fair begins. (Larson, 16). The people there are not too happy about who is in charge of things. That's not so much Chicago, but America in general. There is very defined social classes. The social class that is dealt with in the book is mainly the rich. Dr. H.H. Holmes owns a chunk of Chicago himself and makes money off of a pharmacy, hotel, and killing people for profit. Back in the late eighteen hundreds, little money today was a lot back then. There are several examples of people being paid thousands of dollars that today the amount would equal millions of dollars.
Part Four
In the beginning of The Devil in The...

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