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Developmental Profile Essay

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Developmental Profile

August 4, 2012

Jessica is a fourteen year old Puerto Rican girl who is in her third trimester of pregnancy. Jessica has been sexually molested by her father Carlos and her twenty-five year old brother Junior since she was eight years old. Jose is Jessica’s boyfriend who is twenty-one years old and they have been sexually active since they met at a party. She currently lives with an aunt who took her in once the molestation and teen pregnancy came to light a few months ago. Jessica has no contact with her mother at this time. Her mother left the family when Jessica was six months old, but Jessica has no idea why her mother left. She has seen her mom from time ...view middle of the document...

Bass, et al., found that some families believed that abuse is normal where as others viewed it as a mistake. They also found that the level of family cohesion, role of secrecy and views of outside systems and agencies played a big part (Bass, 2006). Fontes et al., explored how culture issues can affect the disclosure of child sexual abuse (CSA) and culturally competent ways to facilitate these disclosures. Hispanic girls were abused more, waited longer to report the abuse and were more likely to be abused by a father or step father. One Puerto Rican psychotherapist described sex education in Puerto Rican families as. “Hush! We don’t speak about that!” When many of these victims do come forward and speak they are made to feel that they are bad and they did something wrong. They have even been told they would not get into heaven for saying such things or that God must have wanted this to happen for a reason (Fontes, 2010).
Jessica reports being sexually active with random boys and men since she was nine years old. Jessica does not call her body parts by their proper names and when asked if she was every touched in those places by her father or brother she stated she was not, but when shown a picture of the body parts she was able to say she was touched in those places. Maureen Kenny, found that many cultures even call body parts by different names and that is a good thing to be aware of when teaching children about good touch versus bad touch (Kenny, 2009). Jessica does not use birth control or protection since she her grandparents are religious and stated that birth control and abortion is a sin. Ellison et al, examined the relationship between religious involvement, affiliation and frequency of attendance. They found that regularly attending conservative Protestants are in support of a total abortion ban. In the Hispanic culture, religion influences choices and beliefs when it comes to abortion as well as birth control (Ellison, 2005). Rocca et al, found that one major factor of pregnancy is the lack of prevention due to religious reasons, cultural reasons, lack of education or lack of money to purchase birth control (Rocca, 2010).
Jessica also did not seem too worried about the fact if she got pregnant. Jessica responded that she was happy to learn that she was pregnant. Rocca et al, studied to what extent intention and desire for pregnancy in the Latina community in the San Francisco Mission District affect the area. They assessed the roles of sexual and peer networks in sexual behavior, sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk and pregnancy among adolescents. This study found that pregnancy more than doubled for participants who had any desire to become pregnant (Rocca, 2010). Jessica stated that being pregnant by Jose would give her and her baby a better life. Castrucci et al, looked at sociodemographic factors of females ages 14 through 16 years of age having babies with males ages 20 years or older. They found that...

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