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Developmental Process Presentation Essay

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Developmental Process Presentation
Child Development 202

Developmental Process Presentation
There are many noticeable physical and mental differences between early childhood (2-6 years old) and middle childhood (6-10 years old). In early childhood their language and communication skills start to develop quickly. The child will begin to learn new vocabulary, the correct use of language in social settings and their grammar has noticeable changes. Even with all these advancements that are taking pace, it is still noticeable that these children are just in the beginning stages of learning as compared to children in middle childhood.
In middle childhood children have already developed a ...view middle of the document...

In middle childhood the child will no longer have any of the baby appearance as where the child is just starting to lose the look in early childhood. In this stage the child will be able to perform a larger variety of gross and fine motor skills activities. They will also show a vast improvement in balance, strength and coordination. The child will also have developed more control over themselves as where in early childhood children are going at full steam constantly.
With the emotional development in early childhood, children are often endearing, trusting and they show affection. Children can be very possessive and have trouble sharing at this stage. Children start to become more skilled at adapting and expressing their emotions to fit different social situations. At this stage a child also doesn’t feel the need to hold back in expressing their feelings. Although sharing isn’t a strong point, children will become more interested in others and want to spend time with playmates, but concern for others revolves around their own self-centered impulses.
In middle childhood the differences show in social and emotional development as compared to early childhood. Friendships become more important and children develop stronger more complex friendships. They earn more by watching and talking to other children their own age. They also begin to see things from another person’s point of view besides their own. Children also have the urge to do more things on their own as compared to early childhood where children are content to receive help from others. Children will start to base friendships on mutual regard for another person’s personality and not just as a playtime companion as it is in early childhood.
In early childhood children start to develop abilities in mental reasoning, cause and effect and other intellectual processes. For children (ages 2-3) will start to realize things such as when they are dropped off at daycare their parents will return to pick them up. They will learn to understand simple games such as hide and go seek. By the age of 4 years old children are able to make more independent decisions and have increased focusing skills. By the age of 6 years old children will start to refine their cognitive skills and think in a more abstract manner and engage in complex pretend play and create imaginative solutions to tasks.
During cognitive development in middle childhood, children become increasingly skilled at understanding logical and concrete information although they still struggle to understand hypothetical and abstract concepts. Children as also able to focus on multiple aspects of a problem or situation as where with early childhood...

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