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Development Of Training For New Air Traffic Control Technology Implementation

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Nathan Campus
7010GBS Research Design
Assignment 1: Literature Review of
Development of Training for New Air Traffic Control
Technology Implementation

(2000 words)
Dr Robin Pentecost

30th March, 2016
CHANG, Hsuan-Ting

Table of Contents
1. Introduction ............................................................................................................................ 3
2. Methodology .......................................................................................................................... 3
3. Key Potential ATC Transition Issues ...view middle of the document...

............................. 8
8. Additional information - Questions of the survey: ................................................................ 8
References ................................................................................................................................ 10


1. Introduction
In 2016, air traffic control in south-east Asia will be upgraded from paper flights strips to a
stripless flight management system. In order to maintain safety and have a smooth transition
period and training programme, the air traffic control (ATC) company surveyed air traffic
controllers and other staff about their needs and concerns regarding their current system and
procedures as well their perceptions of the proposed stripless flight management system.
Approximately two hundred people participated in this survey which took the form of a
questionnaire. The methodologies used in the study were open-ended questions, lexical
analysis and an analytical hierarchy process (AHP). A complete collection of responses is
still pending, but in the seventy-three surveys that have been analysed the ten most frequently
used words were training/practice, equipment, easy, traffic, knowledge, compatibility,
reliability, coordination, staff, and radar. These key words will be the foundation of training
programme development for air traffic controllers (ATCO) while the conventional ATC
system transforms into the next generation air transportation system (NextGen).
The aim of this paper is to review the literature regarding the importance or necessity of
developing a training programme for ATCOs. Additionally, to find out what improvements
can be done in order to maintain a high safety standard during the transition.

2. Methodology
Open-ended questions
For the purpose of avoiding bias in responses, the survey was designed to capture the positive
and negative feelings of staff members. By having intentionally ambiguous queries,
responses tend to be more honest and less straight (Shilo, 2015).
Lexical analysis
Once they got the questionnaires from staff member, data were entered in text form and
analysed with the Matlab program, which gives an equation showing the most frequently
used words (Hanks & ebrary, 2013).
Analytical hierarchy process (AHP)
The results from the lexical analysis were used to produce a secondary anonymous survey to
give to interested/relevant staff members. It required them to rank from 1-9 each criteria in
ascending order of its importance in fulfilling their goal of achieving a safer and smoother
ATC transition period. This data was used in further processing to give the top ten most
frequently used words, which will be used as an important indicator towards a staff-oriented
training programme (Kassab & Kilicay-Ergin, 2015).
From a quantitative perspective, the number of questionnaires in this study, just two hundred
people got involved, may be insufficient given the global nature of the...

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