Development Of The Western Frontier Essay

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Development of the Western Frontier
Frederick Jackson turner developed a thesis called the frontier thesis where he conquers that the democracy of America was established by the Western frontier. He also stated that the democracy of America resulted from violence and the absence of interests in high culture. He continued to state that the Frontier land was acquired, and there was no need to establish institutions to attain it. His insistence on the frontier’s need to shape the country led to a pool of responses found in many articles.
His works led to the use of social history as the underlying grounds for all socio-economic and political progress in the ...view middle of the document...

In the eighteenth century, more advancement took place. By the end of the quarter of the first century, the Irish and Germans had settled.

During the revolution, the frontier encroached, and areas were inhabited up to Ohio. Other small regions such as Tennessee and Kentucky had been inhabited. The settlement had grown tremendously. The isolated state called for development of transportation in the region to connect the western part to the east. The west began to transform because of these advancements. These small regions grew and surrounded the Indians.

The presence of the variety of communities led to the rise of political concerns. The Indians settled, in part of the frontier, and took their trading activities beyond Mississippi towards the mountains. The development of infrastructure that followed the expanding movements even beyond the rocky mountains led to even greater migrations into the far west. These settlements at different times led to the establishment of frontiers until the present frontier, which are the Rocky Mountains. The establishment of these frontiers also involved the Indians in wars.

Each frontier established different developments, and they were important for the development of the country to some extent. However, when Americans moved into the West, restoring their land, what used to be frontiers became the United States of America. Turner’s thesis has some problems and critics dismissed some of his assumptions. They have denied the idea that the democracy of America is wholly tied to the frontier. They suggest that other contributions were from slavery, industrial capitalism, civil wars and immigration.

Some, on the other hand, have dismissed the notion of a frontier being free land. Indian wars disrupted by the nations move seconded Turner’s consideration that the American frontier was a dispute of some of European nation’s borders and other states. Critics also dismissed the idea of frontier movements and suggested that the west was a distinctive area like the south.

Some critics also argued that the West was absorbed into the United States. They further suggested that democracy was attained through cooperation of the existent communities and not by individuals. Some stated that development, like lying of the railroads, was carried out by corporates. Indians who resisted development were driven out by the government and cowboys of the west were employees of cattle corporations

The two groups that Turner failed to consider were the Indians and the cowboys. He did not consider the fact that the Indians quest was...

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