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Development Of The Future Of Nursing

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Title: Development of the Future of Nursing
James Flynn
Grand Canyon University
December 7, 2012

Title: Development of the Future of Nursing
In an effort to provide American citizens with high quality, affordable health care the president signed into law and passed with help of congress, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in March of 2010. The ACA will attempt to provide at least 94% of the population with quality health coverage, while staying within the means of the average citizen. At the same time staying within the $900,000,000.00 budget set by President Barak Obama (Responsible Reform for the Middle Class n.d.). This ...view middle of the document...

Meaning the use of APRN such as Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) in the role of primary care givers. Among some of the other directives of the ACA, is the need to increase the amount of federally qualified health centers (FQHC’s) to make available high quality, affordable primary care to the underserved populaces (Flinter, M 2012). In order to make ready the number of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) that will be required to accomplish the goals set by the ACA and the IOM’s report, special education and more modern programs will need to be employed. One creative idea to assist Nurses Practitioners (NP) into the role of PCP is the introduction of the one-year NP residency program (2012).
Responding to the challenge of increasing the number of APRN’s as PCP’s serving underserved populations at FQHC’s, nursing will have to provide leaders to effectively work with other health professionals.
The IOM (2011) states the following about the qualities that a leader within nursing must posses.
Knowledge of the care delivery system, how to work in teams, how to collaborate effectively within and across disciplines, the basic tenets of ethical care, how to be an effective patient advocate, theories of innovation, and the foundations for quality and safety improvement. Additionally, nurses who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial and business development opportunities need competencies in such areas as economics and market forces, regulatory frameworks, and financing policy.
In the end, in order to reach the goals that the IOM has mandated it will be imperative to elevate every level of nursing education. Beginning with the undergraduate level. The IOM’s report is in agreement with multiple other nursing...

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