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Development Of Methodology Of Competitiveness Of Russian Pharmacies

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The Development of Methodology for Assessing Competiveness of the Pharmacies in Kazan, Russia

Azaliya Zaripova

AUBG Fall 2013



The transition of a Russian command economy to a free market economy in 1991changed the structure of pharmacies. First of all, some pharmacies became private. Other firms were left under the state control and continued operating at a break-even level. Second, a rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and its availability for the imports from western and eastern companies intensified competition among many producers. Today, an increasing amount of pharmacies is the main reason of increased competition in the Russian pharmaceutical ...view middle of the document...

The aim of this paper is to analyze the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and evaluate competitiveness of pharmacies in the conditions of unstable economy. The main focus is the development of methodology in order to assess the effectiveness of private pharmacies and their organizational strategies. The developed model is oriented on the

forecasting of trends, which will affect competitiveness of firms in the pharmaceutical market in near future. The model is also an advising tool for managers of pharmacies for effective distribution of economic costs and rational strategic decisions. II. Russian Pharmaceutical Market

Russia is the 11th largest pharmaceutical market in the world. Even though the growth in the market has decrease, still overall market volume in 2007 increased by 16% and amounted to $14.3 billion in terms of retail prices. The growth of the market is due to the increasing standard of living of Russians and increases in prices for drugs in the market. Two major segments exist in the Russian pharmaceutical market: commercial and state-owned. The difference between these two segments is that the commercial segment excludes medical drug sales under the Federal Reimbursement program (FRP), while the state-owned segment includes drug sales under the FRP program. The biggest segment of the Russian pharmaceutical market is the commercial segment. Thanks to efficient operations of the pharmacies and M&A’s activities, the performance of the Russian pharmaceutical industry has improved. (DSM Group 2008, 5-8) The Russian pharmaceutical market is characterized by the existence of many players in the market, among which the biggest pharmacy chains are 36.6, Rigla, and Pharmakor. The key players in the market are pharmacy chains, distributors, and pharmaceutical distributors. The biggest share is attained by distributers, amounted to 91% in 2007. The important relationships are established with the international distribution companies, among which the most influential ones are SIA, Protek, and ROSTA. (DSM Group 2008, 13-17) The Russian pharmaceutical market is import-oriented. Due to its high growth rates and favorable government policies (which are going to be discussed later on) Russia attracts many pharmaceutical manufacturers from abroad. Examples of such companies are Novartis, Bayer, and Pfizer. As it is discovered, Russians prefer foreign manufacturers and 80% of consumed drugs are manufactured abroad. The most popular drugs in Russia are Arbidol, Complivit, Penthalgin, Flukostat, Kodelak, and Fosfogliv. (DSM Group 2008, 5-13)

The government has also an important role in the Russian pharmaceutical market. The most recent government legislature is the introduction of the On Fundamentals of Protection of Public Health in the Russian Federation, on January 1st 2012. The aim of this legislation is to make changes in the decision-making of pharmacies in the 82 regions, which have to create treatment protocols and define Essential Drug...

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