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Development Of A Manager In The Military

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My decision to pursue an higher degree is one small step to continue my development in becoming a leader in my current career in the military and in whatever career that follows after I retire. I do not know how many times I have heard that “leaders are born with the skills to be leaders” or “the great leaders start at birth”. I do not believe that I was born a leader. I came in to this world with nothing more than my skin and a loud cry. Both, I still have to this day. John Avila (2005) brings to light, “most of us can be a leader”. He also subscribes to the same idea that I believe and that is, “leaders are made”. Leaders are made throw hard work, strong personal character, education and ...view middle of the document...

This destroyed his health. Had got so bad in Northern Africa that he was forced to return to Germany to get medical add. Why would he do that? This gave him the ability to see the big pitcher. See what was true and how the fight was going. Something I call “Getting rid of the middleman”. When you see something with your own eyes or if you ask someone a question you do not get someone else’s interpretation of the information. The second was his lack of sophistication and education. He was a graduate of the Officer Cadet School in Danzin in November 1911. But among his peers that was not enough. In this day and age, you need more then the basics just as they did. You not only need to understand you enemy but understand everything around you.
I am enlisted; I look at leadership different then officers and Big Army. Another definition of leadership is from John Avila (2005)“Leadership is that innate ability to motivate others to perform to their maximum potential to achieve a goal or objective that you have set and they perform because they want to achieve it for you, with you and for themselves”. I think I...

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