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Development Essay

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• Contrasts between MEDC’s and LEDC’s in measures of population such as; birth rate, death rate, natural increase, health; such as infant mortality, people per doctor and life expectancy, housing, literacy and GNP.
• Economic impacts on development
• How the environment contributes to development
• Differences in availability of resources between MEDC’s and LEDC’s
• The main pattern of trade between the North and the South
• Why is aid needed?

Contrasts between MEDC’s and LEDC’s in measures of population such as; birth rate, death rate, natural increase, health; such as infant mortality, people per doctor and life expectancy, ...view middle of the document...

About 35,000 babies die every day in |
| | |LEDC’s due to poor health care and lack of |
| | |food |
|People per doctor |A majority of people in MEDC’s have access |Few people in LEDC’s have access to doctors|
| |to a doctor |unless they are wealthy |
|Life expectancy |Life expectancy is high in MEDC’s due to |Life expectancy is low in LEDC’s due to |
| |good medical care and quality of life |poor medical care and quality of life |
|Housing |Housing in MEDC’s is adequate for a |Housing in LEDC’s is often inadequate with |
| |majority of people. Most people have access|no access to clean running water or |
| |to clean running water and electricity. |electricity. Shanty towns are large areas |
| | |which develop in LEDC’s and consist of |
| | |poorly built properties |
|Literacy |Literacy rates in MEDC’s are high because a|Literacy rates in LEDC’s are low because |
| |majority of children have access to a free |people cannot afford to send their children|
| |education |to school and some areas may not even have |
| | |schools due to a lack of teachers |
|GNP |The rich MEDC’s (with a GNP over US$ 10000)|The poorest LEDC’s (with GNP’s under US$ |
| |are in the continents of North America, |1250) are mainly in the continents of |
| |Europe and Australasia. Japan in Asia is |Africa and Asia. They lie on the southern |
| |also in this group |side of the North-South Line |

Economic impacts on development

The most widely used indicator of development is GNP (gross national product). There are advantages and disadvantages of using GNP as an indicator of development. An advantage is that it can be calculated for all countries although sometimes the data is not reliable. It is often a good indicator of a countries wealth. However, the output from farming is...

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