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Developing Visual Literacy Essay

801 words - 4 pages

Chapter 2 – Developing Visual Literacy

Multiple Choice Questions with Slides

1. (Slide: Rene Magritte’s The Treason of Images) (fig. 16; p. 24)
In this photograph, the artist combines awareness, creativity, and communication by encouraging the viewer to look closely at an object. The artist is:
a) Lorna Simpson
b) Duane Michaels
c) Rene Magritte
d) John Ahearn
Answer: (c)

2. (Slide: Jan van Eyck’s The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini) (fig. 32; pp. 36-37)
Jan van Eyck’s painting depicts many objects that have symbolic meaning. The use or study of these symbols is called:
a) content
b) iconography
c) form
d) aesthetics
Answer: (b)

3. ...view middle of the document...

25), a sacred text, exemplifies the preference of word over image in _______ art.
a) Chinese
b) Japanese
c) Korean
d) Islamic
Answer: (d)

8. The symbolic hand gestures that refer to specific states of mind or events in the life of Buddha (p. 38) are called:
a) bismillah
b) handies
c) mudra
d) calliform
Answer :(c)

9. The terms naturalistic or realistic art (p. 29) are sometimes used to describe:
a) representational art
b) abstract art
c) nonrepresentational art
d) folk art
Answer: (a)

10. Abstract art (p. 30) reduces the world to its _______ qualities.
a) bulk
b) exterior
c) structural
d) essential
Answer: (d)

11. Lorna Simpson’s series The Park (p. 27) is a composition that includes both images and printed words. The text contributes to the prints in a way that makes the viewer more active in the work. What does the viewer become?
a) an artist
b) the subject of the work
c) the form of the work
d) a voyeur
Answer: (d)

12. Carl Andre’s sculpture Redan (p. 31) appears to be completely nonobjective. It does, in fact, have a source that can be traced to the real world. What is it?
a) a figure lying down
b) a flying Godzilla film monster
c) an architectural feature of fortifications
d) a work Andre completed before Redan
Answer: (c)

13. Why are images of humans traditionally banned in Islamic art (p. 24)?
a) humans are thought to be a symbol of filth
b) human images are not banned in Islamic art

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