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Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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For the purpose of this assignment, I have observed how employees do their tasks at three local stores; a small family run restaurant, a fast food restaurant, and a large-scale supermarket. I live in a small community with fewer than 7000 people within its city limits (U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.), yet there are five small restaurants, seven fast food chains, and two supermarkets. Because there are several options for consumers, businesses need to make the most of their operations and materials management (OMM) processes to draw in as many consumers as possible, and to keep them as loyal customers.
The operations, which are, “The value-creation activities that convert a company’s inputs into ...view middle of the document...

Every employee who you see in the store will greet you with a smile and a, “Hello!” followed by asking if you need any help finding anything. They do a superior job of making the customer believe that they are welcome and they try to establish a relationship with the customers to create customer loyalty to their store.
Concerning the output of each of these companies, they are a bit different. The family run restaurant has the customer pay at the table, which seems to make paying faster, because the customers do not have to go to a counter after their meal to pay the bill. The waitress takes the payment, and is always sure to thank the customer. When things are busy, anyone will take your payment so that you are not stuck waiting at the table. The fast food restaurant has the customers pay at the time they place their order, which consolidates the transactions and make things faster for the customers. During peak times, such as lunch and dinner, they have extra employees scheduled so that the process of taking orders, cooking food, and delivery orders is streamlined, and the customers do not have to wait a long time. The supermarket recently has added self-checkout stations so that customers with just a few items can scan their own items, bag them, and pay, all without needing the assistance of a cashier. One cashier is stationed at these lanes to watch them, in case there is a problem or the customer has a question. This has...

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