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Develop Own Professionalism In It Essay

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Develop Own Effectiveness and Professionalism

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act (1988) is an act of parliament. The act defines the UK law on the processing of data on people. It is a legal obligation from for all companies to comply with to ensure the protection of personal data in the UK.

The law must also be complied with within the telecommunications and electronic networks. Data on personnel retained by telecom companies within the European Union can only be held for a maximum of two years.

In my line of work, I may be tasked by my chain of command to create a document containing personal details of the soldiers within my Squadron (Names, Contact Numbers, ...view middle of the document...

If I was carrying out a Unit Monthly Inspection of my signals equipment and found a fault that could not be fixed during the inspection, it would be reported through the chain of command and recorded on an Incident Report (IR). This report has four copies, which is then forwarded to the relevant departments. One copy to the repair cell, one to Independent Parts Team, one to the manufacturer of the equipment (General Dynamics), and one is kept by the person who reported the fault.

This method of quality management works inline with ISO 9000, which is a series of standards, developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization. This quality management system is related to any civilian organization.

There is also a system in place called GEMS. This system gives users the ability to recommend to the manufacturer changes required for the equipment. A good example of this is the headsets used for the radios. The earpiece used to be attached to the outer shell with small screws. Repair cells soon realized that this was time consuming to repair faulty speakers held within the speaker and shell assembly. They recommended that the outer shell be attached to the earpiece with a simple “click into place” method, making the job easier and less time consuming. Now all headsets for BOWMAN equipment uses this method of assembly.

The Role of Professional Bodies in IT and the Benefits Of Membership to Individuals and Organizations

Having membership to a professional IT body can be beneficial to both individuals and companies. It provides a certificate that is recognized by employers and is often a prerequisite for gaining employment. The certificate highlights the individual’s professional skills within that role of employment. Employers are more inclined to employ someone who has a certificate and membership of a professional body, thus highlighting the benefits of the membership for individuals.

A short list of Professional Bodies in IT:

* iNARTE (The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics)
* BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
* ACP (Association of Computer Professionals)

Processing of Financial Transactions

In the Army, there is a procedure put in place for the billing of soldiers. The guideline for billing an individual is the document JSP 886, this ensures no fraudulent activity or theft has taken place and all financial transactions are legal.

An individual may be billed for a piece of equipment if he or she has lost or damaged an item through negligence. This must be done using the correct procedure from JSP 886, in accordance with P1954, the form required to bill someone.

If a vehicle commander is issued with three headsets for his vehicle platform, he is then responsible for the items until they are returned. If they were to return with one headset and report the other two as lost due to negligence, he is then liable to pay the Army for the...

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