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Develop A Training Plan Essay

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Develop a Training Plan
John Cooper Jr
May 9, 2011
Carlton Robinson

Develop a Training Plan
Within this training plan there are detailed goals, expectations, and specific strategies for success. This plan addresses situational determinants such as; challenges in finding the prototype, reasons for recruiting from certain colleges, and geographical differences with regard to generation, class, and gender. The following plan is an overview of the requirements necessary to effectively generate 20 million dollars in sales over the next two years, within a defined target market. To generate this revenue, 10 individuals were hired and dispersed amongst four distinct territories; all ...view middle of the document...

Available training classes include asset management, contracts purchase and sales agreements, real estate escrow accounts, and fair housing laws. To further recognize the need for training, it is important to understand the topics covered in these classes. For example, asset management is the process involved in maximizing returns on real property. In real estate escrow classes, types of training include; escrow preparation, short sales, refinancing, title insurance, documentary transfer tax, and risk management. In fair housing classes, this course covers broad issues on fair housing laws. Specifically, the student will learn: what fair housing laws exist, what classes of individuals are covered under these laws, how discrimination is defined in real estate, how can one avoid discriminating practices, and what the consequences are for non-compliance with fair housing laws. (Florida Real Estate School, Fair Housing) In addition to these classes, agents are required to attend real estate association meetings, industry events, and conferences.
Throughout the selection process, candidates are considered on the basis of experience, gender, generation, and level of education. Local candidates, who have graduated with a degree in real estate from Jacksonville University, and North Florida University, are strongly preferred. Similar Degrees from the Harvard School of Business and The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida are ideal. Justification for these college are verified by; affiliation, location, recognition, and quality of education.
The following four territories are responsible for attaining company sales goals. These areas include Ponte Vedra/Marsh landing, Oakleaf Plantation and Argyle Forest, Aldo Road and 9A, as well as Dunn Avenue and 295. In the Marsh Landing Ponte Vedra area, our target goal for the year is six-million dollars in annual sales. Justification for this goal is based on the average home prices in the area. Average home prices in Marsh Landing and Ponte Vedra range from one-half million to six-million dollars. Two prototypes are responsible for accomplishing this goal, while focusing on fixed-rate loans. Specific strategies include; networking with custom home builders, attending Northeast Florida Builder Association meetings (NFLBA), and establishing connections with local architects and designers. Preferred candidates are between the ages of 37-51, they are professional in appearance, with superior time-management skills, excellent communicators, and motivated to obtain their full earning potential.
In the Argyle Forest/Oakleaf Plantation area, our ability to sell mortgages is influenced by several factors. This geographic territory is primarily...

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