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Develop a marketing communication plan


Due Date 12. November 2008


Executive Summary
Find include a Marketing Communication plan for Madam Tussaud’s! What is an Communication plan Why it is important to have an Communication plan. When should you write a communication plan. Which person should get involved? It will include the objectives of the communication plan, an assessment of the characteristics of the product or service and their suitability for each of the four promotions and types of media. At the end there are some recommendations of evaluate a
Communication plan.
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Methodology 3
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Results & Findings


Project name Madam Tussauds

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Mike Tussauds
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Communication Plans are necessary for complex, major or high risk projects.
To define all parties with an interest in the project and the means and frequency of communication between them and the project. The Project Director owns this plan with the Project Manager, to ensure all necessary communication is issued out to relevant parties.

Project Description
Briefly describe why the project is being undertaken.
This communication plan is created, to role out a new limited collection of Boxing stars with Madam Tussaud’s

Communication Objectives
The primary goal is to ensure that all individuals involved in the project understand the overall vision and aims, how and when changes will be implemented, to enable staff participation as required.

This requires clear presentation and articulation of the vision and key messages, as well as specific requirements (e.g. training and process changes) as these are developed.

List the projects communication objectives. For example:

Objectives summary:

Equal information flow between the 9 locations
Awareness – of new collection of boxing stars in there best fight.
Form September until December
Wold wide role out at the same time - in all nine Cabarets

Communication will be reliable, consistent, timely, open, straightforward, jargon-fee and customized wherever possible to the specific needs of target audiences.

Interested Party
All individuals noted in this document are related to the Madam Tussauds project with access details in the College’s Active Directory.

This will be broken down into four areas:

1. Project Management and Admin of all 9 locations
2. Advisory Board (includes Stakeholders)
3. Technical of all 9 locations
4. Business of all 9 locations

Project Management and Admin
Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Mike Tussauds Project Champion (Project Board member)
Greg Baker Project Director (Project Board member)
Karl Heinz Mueller Senior Supplier (Project Board member)
Anja Fuhrmann – Dockhorn Project Manager
Erika Mueller Project Board Secretary

Advisory Board
Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Marc Weidler Project Champion
Ina Riedel Project Director
Wolfgang Wenzel Senior Representative...

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