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Develop A Marketing Strategy For Levi's Strauss

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LEVI'S STRAUSSIdentification of the Key IssuesThe key issue that Levi's has to overcome is a missed opportunity to sell their denim jeans to upper class target market. Furthermore the competition has not made this mistake and appears to be using the patented Levi's denim signature stitches in their own work. Although Levi's is claiming that the lawsuits' it has recently filed is because of an infringement of patent rights, it is hard to overlook the decline in overall sales that the company is experiencing. Levis has experience dealing with a wide variety of the male target market for jeans with over 125 years in the business, and locating their operations in ...view middle of the document...

Weakness: Levis missed an opportunity in the mid 1990's when the denim market made the shift into designer jeans and Levi's failed to capitalize on the move. This move now places Levis one step behind the competition of other designer Jean makers like Guess and Tommy Hilfiger. This missed forced the Levi's company to drastically downsize further reducing the production capabilities and distribution of their product. Another internal mistake was the transition from full line department stores into junior department stores in an attempt to capture new market share, but failing to protect their current share of the market. The Levi's brand is a strong brand name, but has been tarnished since it is no longer affiliated with high end denim wear by being distributed in places like Wal mart. This may be an irreversible condition.Opportunities: Since Levi's has not entered into the high end denim market, and they also enjoy distribution and economies of scale with mass production, there is an opportunity to capture market share from the other competitors in the high end denim market. This will require either expanding the product line by developing high end denims for both males and females or re launching their current product lines under a new image.Threats: The Levi's company faces illegal competition due to the counterfeiting of their patented signature denim. Counterfeiters can duplicate the design and distribute the product quickly before the denim detectives can catch the company in the act. Litigation makes it possible for the company to recover lost revenues, but this can be a time absorbing and costly procedure. Competition also has an advantage of currently owning market share and having their brands positioned ahead of the Levi's brand.Organizational Objectives:Levi's can have 3 organizational objectives.Develop or obtain a competing product in high end denim for the 2008 season.Repair Levis brand image through advertising, promotion, and exploring new locations of distributing the high end denim by the start of the 2008 season.Capturing 10% of the high end denim market share by the end of 2008.These objectives will allow Levi's the ability to enter the high end denim market and simultaneously repair their brand name.Identification of alternatives:The alternatives are three possible strategic plans that have been created to help meet our organizational goals.Horizontal Integration and Brand Adoption:With the purchase of a competing line, Levi's can meet two of the three objectives within one swoop. Combining the Levi's current production capabilities and distribution channels, Levi's can concentrate on promoting the new line while simultaneously pushing the high end denim into new distribution stores. By synchronising the Levi's brand with a high end name, Levi's can raise the brand image quality positioning it currently holds in consumers minds.Advantages: This method is a quick way to enter into the denim market without having to do all the...

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