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A team of researchers from The George Washington University in conjunction with key leaders – evaluated the Detroit area to assess the state-of-healthcare deliverance to those in need. The problem was presented in a clear and concise manner: The uninsured and poor had limited to no access to the care they needed. Many resorted to the Emergency Department (40% of admissions were non-emergent), leading to overcrowding in the hospital. Those that are part of the safety net are providers of the poor and vulnerable populations: hospital systems, clinics, volunteers, primary care workers, and prevention workers that are there to prevent the overflow and influx that we see in the assessment. We ...view middle of the document...

The primary care safety net, which is the first-line of defense, is provided by these 3 cohorts, and while 2/3 of their patients are uninsured – it only represents 8% of the total uninsured population in the area. Expansion is a huge need here.
Overall, the primary issue is clear. Detroit cannot meet the demand for care (especially primary care). They are overwhelmed by the influx of uninsured and poor in all hospital systems and departments (ER in particular [mental patients overwhelmingly]). The Health Authority and VODI work, which consolidates the safety net financing and health care delivery for the poor, is a great start in dealing with the presented problems. The recommendation for stakeholders needing to attract primary care physicians to the area is an obvious must, but we need incentives. Formulating group partnerships and teaming with other states could infuse money into the Detroit health care system. The assessment could have provided a better case with key documented interviews; such as the testimonies of doctors and volunteers that work at the “free” clinics, and how “overwhelmed” they are by the huge increase in the uninsured. Also, there should be more evidence, backed with statistics that demonstrate primary care physicians are scarce.
We ask our stakeholders to look into our following recommendations. Money and recruiting physicians...

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