Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

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Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
Organizational Leadership - LDR/531
Isaac K. Oduro
University of Phoenix

As a valued, veteran employee of Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc., I am presented with the unique opportunity of determining the position that best suits me. Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. is undergoing an expansion and restructuring program. This paper therefore seeks to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style by applying what was learned about myself through self-assessments. The paper also compares and contrasts leadership theories in the textbooks to gain understanding of relevant theories to my leadership approach. A description of my ...view middle of the document...

This indicates high scores for both task and people-orientations, implying that I am both task and people-oriented. I can balance my task and people-orientation to various situations.
Charismatic Leadership
Charismatic leaders are those whom followers perceive as possessing heroic or extraordinary leadership abilities. They tend to have high self-confidence and strong convictions about their beliefs. The score for the charismatic assessment ranges from one to 20. On management of attention, My score was 20. This implies that I pay close attention to people with whom I communicate. I have clear ideas about the relative importance of priorities.
On management of meaning, I scored 20. This implies that I am effective at getting my meaning across. I can communicate clearly and be in touch with how others feel. I communicate feelings as well as ideas. My score on management of trust was 20. I am trustworthy and can be relied on to follow through on commitments. I rarely change once I have taken a clear position and I always let others know where I stand. I am therefore perceived as willing to follow on promises and take clear position on issues. On management of self, I scored 20. I care about other people and have a great deal of self-respect. I focus on strengths, of myself and others, and seem to know just how I "fit" into a group. I am very much concerned about the welfare of others, their feelings, and my own self regard.
I scored 16 in risk management. I do not put excessive energy into avoiding failure and enjoy taking carefully calculated risks. I seem most alive when deeply involved in some project, and learn from mistakes and do not treat errors as disasters, but as learning. This implies that I am willing to take risks for those things I believe in and I am willing to accept failures in pursuit of my goals. On management of feelings, I scored 20. I make the work of others more meaningful and help others feel more competent in what they do. I show others that they are all part of the same group and I am fun to be around. This indicates that I can tap into the feelings of others and make their work more meaningful for them.
Trusting Others
The assessment was designed to test one's faith in people. The scores ranges from one (high faith) to five (low faith). Either extreme has its negatives. Those with low scores may be naive and susceptible to being taken advantage of. Those with high scores are likely to have trouble trusting others, working on teams, or acting as an empowering leader. My score was 2. This implies that my faith in people is high and can therefore act as an empowering leader.
This assessment provides insights into how one is perceived by others. Effective leaders have built a trusting relationship between themselves and those they seek to lead. The score range between nine and 63. The higher the score, the more one is perceived as a person who can be trusted. I scored 63 implying that I am...

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